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Monday, Nov. 7th, 2016 Annual Meeting

Biographies of Librarians & Information Professionals

2015 W. Kaye Lamb award winners

Spring 2016 Newsletter

The Ex Libris logo designed by Leslie Smart and Associates uses a woodcut created for L. Bruce Pierce, a former editor of Ryerson Press, who has permitted its use for our logo. The pine tree bent to the wind and the geese flying south are found in all parts of Canada.


Executive board, committees


  • President - Elizabeth Ridler
  • Vice President/President Elect - tba
  • Past President - Rick Ficek
  • Recording and Correspondence Secretary - Jean Weihs
  • Membership Secretary - Bob Henderson
  • Treasurer - Bob Henderson
  • Archivist - Nancy Williamson
  • Members at large - Barbara Kaye, Vivienne James, Alvin Schrader, Trudy Bodak, Agatha Barc, Wendy Newman, Tom Eadie


  • Annual Conference – Elizabeth Ridler (Chair), Bob Henderson, Liz Warrener
  • Biographical Project – Nancy Williamson (Chair), Trudy Bodak, Jan Jacobson (corresponding), Barbara Kaye (corresponding), Ralph Manning (corresponding), Dawn Monroe (corresponding)
  • Finance –Bob Henderson (Chair), Rick Ficek, Elizabeth Ridler, Jean Weihs
  • Ad Hoc Library Tours – Shirley Lewis (Chair), Jean Weihs
  • Newsletter – Jean Weihs (Co-chair), Frances Davidson-Arnott (Co-chair), Merlyn Beeckmans, Suzette Giles, Vivienne James, Judy Dunn, Annesha Hutchinson (ELAN editor)
  • Nominations – Rick Ficek (Chair), Elizabeth Ridler, Nancy Williamson
  • Oral History Project – Vivienne James
  • Public Relations – Rick Ficek (Convenor), Frances Davidson-Arnott, Jan Jacobson, Jim Montgomery, Doug Robinson (OLA Liaison), Cynthia Teitelman, John Warrener, Liz Warrener
  • Recruitment and Member Services – Frances Davidson-Arnott, Bob Henderson, Vivienne James, Alvin Schrader, Jean Weihs
  • Website – Lorne Bruce (Chair), Doreen London, Nancy Williamson, Trudy Bodak, Shirley Lewis, Cameron Riddle (Webmaster)
  • W. Kaye Lamb Award – tba (Chair)


Meeting Dates

Tuesday January 31, 2017 – Lillian A. Smith Branch, Meeting room A
Tuesday, May 16, 2017 – Northern District Branch, Room 224
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 – Northern District Branch, Room 200
Monday, November 6, 2017 – AGM and Conference at Northern District Library, Toronto Public Library

Ex Libris Joint Board Meeting, 2001-02


Front row (seated left to right): Harry Campbell, Ann Schabas, Jean Weihs

Middle row (left to righ)t: Merlyn Beeckmans, Nancy Hall, Callie Israel, Katherine Packer, Nancy Williamson, Diane Henderson Sherrill Cheda

Back row (left to right): Marjorie Bender, Fred Israel, John Arndt, Joan Winearls, Peter Hajnal, Al Bowron, Mary Williamson

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