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What is Ex Libris?

Who are we?

ELA is the national Canadian association of people who have spent an important part of  their work life in libraries, archives, publishing houses, and adjunct  fields, and who are now attracted to historical and current issues  related to those institutions as well as to issues concerning the personal welfare of their fellow members.  Our objectives, our constitution, our executive and other committees, our long range plan, and our history all reflect our long-standing and continuing concern for social and historical issues related to information services.  We are a government recognized non-profit organization.

Membership Profile

The Ex Libris Association's stated purpose is to provide a forum and serve as a voice for those interested in the history and current state of librarianship, Canadian libraries, and archives.

Membership is open to all interested parties, but is primarily drawn from the ranks of retired

  • librarians
  • library technicians
  • library consultants
  • archivists
  • records managers
  • information technologists
  • those who have worked or are working in or with libraries, archives, museums, etc.   

Membership in Ex Libris might be of interest to

  • any who have worked in publishing enterprises
  • historians
  • genealogists
  • museologists
  • teachers
  • anyone interested in matters related to the collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of recorded knowledge.

The Ex Libris Association seeks to contribute to an understanding of the history of Canadian libraries, archives, and publishing in order to support initiatives that further the availability of important documents and to bring attention to significant issues affecting the provision and advancement of information services in Canada and in developing countries.

What are our goals?

ELA goals and objectives remain constant in their focus on the collection, preservation  and dissemination of materials, particularly historical documents, about information institutions and their workers.  However as times  change, our goals have broadened to exploit new technologies and  to recognize new issues. The current expression  of our goals  is being revised  and the new version will be given on this web site when it is completed.

Who are the current members of the board and the committees?

What are the dates of the ELA Board meetings?

Where is ELA headed?

ELA's organizational long range plan, originally sparked by the energies of Harry Campbell and his committee and updated on a regular basis, was designed to enable us to continue to adapt to change in a principled way.

How did ELA begin and what are the noteworthy events in its development?

Diane Henderson's pithy overview of ELA's history  describes the association's casual beginnings and the varied events and achievements that led to its growing presence as a national association   with serious scholarly and social interests.

What are the benefits of ELA  membership?

ELA members enjoy meeting other people of similar interests through our meetings, especially the annual AGM Get Together, through our projects, through this website, and through  our newletter, ELAN, which is free with membership.

How do I join ELA?

The ELA membership form.

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