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ELA Annual General Meeting and Convention

The Annual Conference is held every fall, usually in a Toronto Public Library branch. Morning and afternoon programs feature speakers on important topics. Each year's program details will be posted as they become available.

ELA Board and Committees

Board and committee members are responsible for planning and managing activities to achieve the goals of the association. Because they share those association goals, other members may, with advance notice, attend or contribute to board meetings.

ELA Cooperation with Other Organizations

  • ELA cooperates with other organizations on matters of mutual interest:
  • ELA worked jointly with the Canadian Library Association to establish the W. Kaye Lamb Award for service to seniors.
  • ELA presented a session at the 2006 OLA convention on librarians as volunteers at home and abroad.
  • ELA organized a program for FIS students ( Toronto) on techniques used in library history research.

ELAN and ELA Publishing Activities

  • ELA publishing activities are focused on ELAN, the association's biannual newsletter which is both serious in its presentation of historical and current information issues but also at times humorous in its depiction of some aspects of library and information services. ELAN's special issue, summer 2005, is dedicated to library education.
  • ELA publishes on this web site Occasional Papers by members.

ELA Historical Activities.

  • A major goal of ELA is to support historical research related to the history of libraries, archives, publishing houses and their workers; to that end, it has engaged in a variety of activities:
  • publishing a special issue of ELAN devoted to the history of library education in Canada
  • compiling chronologies to supplement that history
  • publishing a wide variety of articles of historical interest in ELAN;
  • sponsoring 'The Morton Years',
  • maintaining ELA archives;
  • and at present ELA is engaged in the developing of a biographical database of people , a significant part of whose lives were spent in libraries, archives, publishing and related information fields

ELA Internet Activities

  • The ELA Electronic Mailing List is maintained by ELA for the benefit of all members. ELA gratefully acknowledges the contribution of the Listserv's host, the Ontario Library Association;
  • The ELA Web site is the work of ELA members with the technical support of the Webmaster Cameron Riddle.
  • ELA is also has aFacebook page especially for the needs of particular members who like to communicate what they are doing and thinking.

Volunteer Opportunities

LA lists opportunities for members to use their technical and professional knowledge gained through education and work experience to assist libraries, archives, and other institutions with their information and administrative services. ELA's role is limited to providing the notice that an institution is seeking volunteers.

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