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Book Review

ELAN wishes to bring current books of interest to the attention of their readers, retired librarians. These include books by Ex Libris members and/or books of interest to members (books about libraries and librarians and related subjects such as publishing and information technology or retirement investing and travel).

Book reviews should be typed, single- spaced and no more than 500 words in length. At the top of your review please include the full book title, the author, the place of publication, the publisher, the year of publication and the price, in bold capitals. Please type your full name at the bottom of the review. Deadlines will be determined individually. The ELAN committee will determine decisions about publishing and timing.

We prefer to have your book review submitted electronically (by e-mail) either as an attachment or an insert. If you prefer to mail your typed review, that is acceptable.

 Shirley Lewis
55 The Esplanade, #623
Toronto, Ontario
M5E 1V2
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