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Peter James Bassnett

b. Nov. 16, 1933, Sutton Coldfield, UK; d. February 23, 2008, London, ON


1956 A.I.Q.S. Intermediate (Hammersmith Sch. of Architecture and Building)

1963 ALA (Northwestern Polytechnic School of Librarianship); 1971 FLA (Library Association)


1958-1964 Quantity Surveyor Godfrey & Burgess, London, Eng.

1964-1966 Librarian-in-Charge Haringey, London, Eng.

1966-1972 Reference Librarian, Calgary Public Library

1972-1975 Director of Systems and Management Services, North York Public Library

1975-1995 Chief Executive Officer, Scarborough Public Library

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