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Biographies of Librarians and Information Professionals in Canada

This is a developing database of individuals who have made their mark in library and information science in Canada. The purpose of the database is to present the most significant facts about the personal and professional life of each of those listed and to identify useful sources of further information. Reference is made to the location of personal papers with links provided to other electronic resources.

We welcome contributions to this project; for details on how contribute please contact the chair of the Ex Libris Biography Project Committee for guidelines at the address below.

Index of Biographies of Librarian and Information Professionals

Hallwell, Dean Wright
Harlow, Neal Rotan
Harrison, Alice Willis
Heggie, Grace F
Horrocks, Norman
Ingraham, Mary (Tryphosa) Kinley
Kallmann, Helmut Max
Jarvi, Edith Tyyne
Kane, Alice Elizabeth
Kurmey, William J (Bill)
Lamb, William Kaye
Landon, Fred
Landon, Richard Gerald
Langton, Hugh Hornby
Languedoc, Adéle
Layng, Theodore Edmund (Ted)
Letts, Alberta
Lochhead, Douglas Grant
Locke, George Herbert
Lomer, Gerhard Richard
Lunn, Alice Elizabeth Jean
MacDonald, Alan Hugh
MacRae, Lachlan Farquhar
Marshall, John Maitland
Matthews, Frederick (Fred) White
McFadden, Eileen May
Mews, Marjorie
Mifflen, Jessie Beaumont |Milnes, Irma (McDonough)
Möller, Hans
Morisset, Father Auguste-Marie
Morrison, Frances
Morton, Elizabeth Homer
Moulton, Alice
Mowat, Angus McGill
Munro, June
Murray, Florence Beatrice
O'Dea, Agnes C
Packer, Katherine Helen
Paré, Richard
Peel, Bruce Braden
Prentice, Drene Dayell
Ridington, John
Rothstein, Samuel
Ryder, Dorothy Edith
Saxe, Mary Sollace
Sessions, Vivian S
Shepard, Martha
Silverthorn, Mary Elizabeth
Sinclair, David Paul
Smith, Lillian Helena
Snell, John Douglas 'Jack'
Spicer, Erik John
St John, Judith G
Stuart-Stubbs, Basil
Sylvestre, Guy
Talman, James John
Tanghe, Raymond
Todd, Alpheus
Travis, Mary Eileen
Tremaine, Marie
Vespry, H Arthur
Waldon, Freda Farrell
Wilkinson, John Provost
Woods, Maureen Shelagh
Zielinska, Marie Flora |

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