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Elizabeth Brewster

b. Aug. 1922, Chatham, NB; d. Dec. 26, 2012, Saskatoon, SK


1940 University of New Brunswick;

1946 Radcliffe College, Cambridge, Mass.

Graduate School, Indiana University, Bloomington Ind.

Graduate School, King’s College, London UK

BLS, 1952, University of Toronto

PhD University of Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind.


1947- Teacher, Cobourg, ON, private school (for a few months)

1953 - Positions in libraries in Victoria, Ottawa, Sackville, Fredericton and Edmonton

1972-1990 Teacher, University of Saskatchewan


Brewster, Elizabeth (1951). East coast. Toronto: Ryerson Press.

Brewster, Elizabeth (1982). The way home: new poems. Ottawa: Oberon Press.

Brewster, Elizabeth (1985). Selected poems of Elizabeth Brewster. Introduction by Tom Marshall. Ottawa: Oberon Press.

Brewster, Elizabeth (1991). The invention of truth. Ottawa: Oberon Press.

Brewster, Elizabeth (1995). Away from home. Ottawa: Oberon Press.

Brewster, Elizabeth (1998). Garden of sculpture. Ottawa: Oberon Press.

Brewster, Elizabeth (2000). Burning bush. Ottawa: Oberon Press.

Brewster, Elizabeth (2009). Time & seasons. Ottawa: Oberon Press.

Five New Brunswick poets: :Elizabeth Brewster, Fred Cogswell, Robert Gibbs,

Alden Nowlan, Kay Smith, Fredericton NB: The Fiddlehead, 1962.

Telfer, Nancy (1983). The ballad of Princess Caraboo: a narrative of singular imposition: for mezzo-soprano and piano. Words by Elizabeth Brewster. Oakville, ON: F. Harris Music.


Founding member of The Fiddlehead


1952 E.J. Pratt Award for her second poetry collectionLilloet.

Saskatchewan Book Award for poetry (won twice)

Twice short listed for the Governor General’s Award

Honorary DLitt ,University of New Brunswick

Saskatchewan Lifetime Achievement Award

Queen`s Diamond Jubilee Medal


Globe and Mail. “Obituaries” February 5, 2013.

University of Toronto Library Catalogue.

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