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 ===== Sources: ===== ===== Sources: =====
-Martin, Sandra. “[[https://​​2011/​10/​deaths-the-globe-and-mail.pdf|H]]e built U of T’s vast rare book collection” The Globe and Mail, Oct. 22, 20ll.Accessed Feb. 15, 2016.\\+Martin, Sandra.“[[https://​​2011/​10/​deaths-the-globe-and-mail.pdf|He built U of T’s vast rare book collection]]” The Globe and Mail, Oct. 22, 20ll .Accessed Feb. 15, 2016.\\
 University of Toronto catalogue.\\ University of Toronto catalogue.\\
-OBrien. Kathleen. "iSchool ​laments loss of Fisher Rare Book Library Director."​\\ +OBrien. Kathleen. "[[http://​​news/​2011/​ischool-laments-loss-fisher-rare-book-library-director|iSchoo ​laments loss of Fisher Rare Book Library Director.]]" ​Accessed Feb. 15, 2016.\\ 
-University of Toronto. Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library. ​[[​news/richard-landon-1942-2011|Richard Landon, 1942-2011]]. Accessed ​August ​15, 2013.\\+"[[​utl_newsletter/fall_2011/​13.html|Richard Landon, 1942-2011]]".In The University of Toronto Librarians Newsletter, fall 2011. Accessed ​Feb. 15, 2016.\\
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