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Biographies of Librarians & Information Professionals

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Marjorie Mews

b. 1902, St John’s, NL; d.1965, St. John`s, NL


BA (Methodist College, St. John`s)
1935 Summer course (McGill University)
1943 Diploma in Library Studies (University of Toronto)
1951 Additional courses (University of British Columbia)


Children’s services librarian
1935-1959 Assistant Librarian, Gosling Public Library, St. John's
1959-1965 Chief Librarian, Gosling Public Library, St. John’s


Canadian Association of Children`s Librarians
Maritime Library Association, Vice-President, 1957-1958
Atlantic Library Association
Canadian Library Association, Chair, Elections Committee, 1956,
Newfound representative on Microfilming Committee 1958-1965


“Marjorie Mews spent her whole professional career of 30 years within the St John's library system. Her primary responsibility at first was Children’s services. Over the years her responsibilities would vary, depending on the demands of the library. On April 1, 1959, she was appointed the first chief librarian of the Gosling Memorial Library, a position she would hold until her death in 1965. Her long service in the St. John’s library, including chief librarian, resulted in her being seen as someone who epitomized all the best qualities of the profession. In 1966, City Council provided funds for two branches and as a reflection of the respect and esteem she had engendered, one was named the Marjorie Mews Library.”


Giles, Suzette (2014). “Libraries named after librarians. ELAN 56, fall 2014, p. 5.

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