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Histories Main Page

History Publications/Resources

The following publications and resources are the result of historical interests and research activities of the association's members.

Database of biographies and biographical materials

At present ELA members are engaged in discussions to develop a database of biographies and biographical materials of people, a significant part of whose lives was spent in the library, archives, publishing, or related information fields.


ELAN, the association's biannual newsletter, contains articles and news items of historical interest in almost every issue.

A History of Education for Library and Information Studies in Canada,

a special issue of ELAN Summer 2005, records 100 years of library education in Canadian universities, colleges, and other post-secondary institutions.


Chronologies of the university library faculties and the library technicians programs. Support the education issue of ELAN; the chronologies will be updated periodically.

The Morton Years

The The Morton Years is an account of CLA, the Canadian Library Association, in its formative years from 1946 to 1971, under the direction of noted librarian, Elizabeth Morton. The book can be purchased for $7.

Name that Library!

Do you know of a Library/Branch/Collection named after a librarian? If so, please let us know by filling in thisinformation form. Your entry will appear in our newsletter, ELAN.

ELA Archives.

The ELA archives contain a variety of materials related to the founding of ELA and its subsequent development.

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