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Membership Information

You are invited to join Ex Libris Association – please complete our application form if you decide to join us.

Membership Profile

The Ex Libris Association's stated purpose is to provide a forum and serve as a voice for those interested in the history and current state of librarianship, Canadian libraries, and archives.

Membership is open to all interested parties, but is primarily drawn from the ranks of retired

  • librarians
  • library technicians
  • library consultants
  • archivists
  • records managers
  • information technologists
  • those who have worked or are working in or with libraries, archives, museums, etc.

Membership in Ex Libris might be of interest to

  • any who have worked in publishing enterprises
  • historians
  • genealogists
  • museologists
  • teachers
  • anyone interested in matters related to the collection, organization, preservation, and dissemination of recorded knowledge.

The Ex Libris Association seeks to contribute to an understanding of the history of Canadian libraries, archives, and publishing in order to support initiatives that further the availability of important documents and to bring attention to significant issues affecting the provision and advancement of information services in Canada and in developing countries.

Your membership benefits:

  • Keep in touch with friends and acquaintances whom you have enjoyed over the years and participate in tours and get togethers;
  • Attend the Annual Conference, a one-day event held in Toronto featuring a program of speakers on issues and topics of current interest and trends in the library and archives community;
  • Participate in the stewardship of protecting library history;
  • Receive ELAN , the Ex Libris Association Newsletter published twice a year and contribute articles, news and letters to ELAN;
  • Be an active participant on ELA committees or the ELA Board;
  • Receive a directory of ELA members updated annually;
  • Receive a tax deduction for your membership fee.


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