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 [[:​aboutus:​what_is_ex_libris|About Ex Libris]]\\ [[:​aboutus:​what_is_ex_libris|About Ex Libris]]\\
 +[[:​membership:​membership_information|Be a Member - Join Ex Libris]]\\
 2018 Annual Meeting (to be posted)\\ 2018 Annual Meeting (to be posted)\\
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 [[:​occasional_papers:​occasional_papers_list|Occasional Papers, Reports, Articles]]\\ [[:​occasional_papers:​occasional_papers_list|Occasional Papers, Reports, Articles]]\\
-[[:membership:membership_information|Be a Member - Join Ex Libris]]\\+[[https://​​html/​shop.html|Shop Ex Libris]]\\ 
 +{{:​wiki:​facebook.gif?​nolink&​25x25 ​ }}CANADIAN FACEBOOK GROUPS\\ 
 +[[https://​​ExLibrisAssociation|Follow ​Ex Libris ​on Facebook]]\\
-==== Follow Ex Libris on Facebook ​====+[[https://​​cflafcab/​|Canadian Federation of Library Associations]] ​Facebook ​news\\
-[[https://​​ExLibrisAssociation|{{  :​wiki:​facebook.gif?​nolink&​40x40 ​ }}]]\\+[[https://​​LibrarianshipCA/​|]] Facebook news and resources\\
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