The Canadian association dedicated to people whose careers have been in libraries, archives, publishing, and information work

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About Ex Libris

The Ex Libris Association's stated purpose is to provide a forum and serve as a voice for those interested in the history and current state of librarianship, Canadian libraries, and archives. ELA seeks to contribute to an understanding of Canadian libraries, archives, and publishing in order to support persons and initiatives that bring attention to significant issues affecting the provision and advancement of information services in Canada. The Association has more than 200 members from across Canada, from St. John's to Victoria.
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ELA’s Goals

ELA goals and objectives remain constant in their focus on the collection, preservation and dissemination of materials, particularly historical documents, about information institutions and their workers. However as times change, our goals have broadened to exploit new technologies and to recognize new issues as noted in our long range plans.

■ To provide a forum to stimulate interest in the history of Canadian libraries and librarianship.
■ To serve as a voice for members on important library-related issues on which they would wish to be heard.
■ To publish a Newsletter performing the following functions: (1) to inform members of activities of individuals and institutions in the field of librarianship; (2) to discuss issues concerning libraries and librarians; (3) to record matters of interest in the history and development of libraries and the library profession.
■ To keep members informed on current developments and issues in libraries and librarianship in Canada.
■ To encourage persons and institutions possessing archival materials related to library history in Canada to preserve and publicize their holdings.

The ELA board and the committees

Board and committee members are responsible for planning and managing activities to achieve the goals of the association. Because they share those association goals, other members may, with advance notice, attend or contribute to board meetings. The current biographies of ELA's executives is at this link.

Joining ELA

Membership is open to all interested parties, but is primarily drawn from the ranks of retired

  • librarians, library technicians, archivists, records managers, and information technologists;
  • those who have worked or are working in or with libraries, archives, museums: e.g., genealogists, trustees, historians, teachers
  • any who have worked in publishing enterprises

ELA members enjoy meeting other people of similar interests through our meetings, especially the annual general meeting and conference, through our projects, through this website, and through our newsletter, ELAN, which is free with membership.

Diane Henderson's overview of ELA's history describes the association's beginnings, events, and achievements that led to its growing presence as a national association with serious scholarly and social interests.

The Ex Libris Association logo was designed by Leslie Smart and Associates. The logo uses a woodcut created many years ago by Thoreau MacDonald for L. Bruce Pierce, who kindly gave ELA permission to use it as the basis for our logo. L. Bruce Pierce, who died in 2010, was the son of Lorne Pierce, the former editor of Ryerson Press from 1922–1960.

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