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   * **Website, Facebook and Listserv **– Lorne Bruce (Chair), Donna Burton, Cameron Riddle (Webmaster)   * **Website, Facebook and Listserv **– Lorne Bruce (Chair), Donna Burton, Cameron Riddle (Webmaster)
   * **W. Kaye Lamb Award** ​ – Christina Wilson (Chair)   * **W. Kaye Lamb Award** ​ – Christina Wilson (Chair)
-E**x Libris ​Joint Board Meeting2001-02**\\+E**x Libris Board Members2019**\\
-{{http://​​lib/​plugins/​ckgedit/​fckeditor/​userfiles/​image/​images/​ela_board_in_2019.jpg?​nolink&​631x367|Ex Libris board members in 2019}}\\+{{  http://​​lib/​plugins/​ckgedit/​fckeditor/​userfiles/​image/​images/​ela_board_in_2019.jpg?​nolink&​631x367 ​ |Ex Libris board members in 2019}}\\
-Front row (seated ​left to right)Harry Campbell, Ann Schabas, Jean Weihs\\+From left to right: ​Tom Eadie (President), Jean Weihs (Recording Secretary), Elizabeth Ridler (Past President), Rick Ficek, Vivienne James, Wendy Newman, Bob Henderson (Treasuer & Membership Secretary).\\
-Middle row (left to righ)tMerlyn Beeckmans, Nancy Hall, Callie Israel, Katherine Packer, ​Nancy Williamson, Diane Henderson, Sherrill Cheda\\ +Absent: Nancy Williamson (Archivist), Donna BurtonMichael MoirAlvin Schrader.\\
- +
-Back row (left to right): Marjorie BenderFred IsraelJohn ArndtJoan Winearls, Peter Hajnal, Al Bowron, Mary Williamson\\+
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