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Executive board and committees


  • President - Tom Eadie
  • Vice President/President Elect - tba
  • Past President - Elizabeth Ridler
  • Recording and Correspondence Secretary - Jean Weihs
  • Membership Secretary - Bob Henderson
  • Treasurer - Bob Henderson
  • Archivist - Nancy Williamson
  • Members at large - Vivienne James, Alvin Schrader, Wendy Newman, Donna Burton, Rick Ficek, Michael Moir


  • Annual Conference – Elizabeth Ridler (Chair), Bob Henderson, Liz Warrener, RIck Ficek
  • Biographical Project – Nancy Williamson (Chair), Trudy Bodak, Lorne Bruce
  • Finance –Bob Henderson (Chair), Rick Ficek, Elizabeth Ridler, Jean Weihs
  • Ad Hoc Library Tours – Vivienne James (Chair), Jean Weihs, Shirley Lewis
  • Newsletter – Jean Weihs (Co-chair), Frances Davidson-Arnott (Co-chair), Suzette Giles, Wendy Newman, Susan Ibbetson, Vivienne James, Judy Dunn, Jo Calvert (ELAN editor)
  • Nominations – Rick Ficek (Chair)
  • Public Relations – Rick Ficek (Convenor), Frances Davidson-Arnott, Jan Jacobson, Jim Montgomery, Doug Robinson (LAC Liaison), Cynthia Teitelman, John Warrener, Liz Warrener
  • Recruitment and Member Services – Frances Davidson-Arnott, Bob Henderson, Vivienne James, Alvin Schrader, Jean Weihs
  • Website, Facebook and Listserv – Lorne Bruce (Chair), Nancy Williamson, Cameron Riddle (Webmaster)
  • W. Kaye Lamb Award – Rick Ficek (Chair)

Ex Libris Joint Board Meeting, 2001-02


Front row (seated left to right): Harry Campbell, Ann Schabas, Jean Weihs

Middle row (left to righ)t: Merlyn Beeckmans, Nancy Hall, Callie Israel, Katherine Packer, Nancy Williamson, Diane Henderson, Sherrill Cheda

Back row (left to right): Marjorie Bender, Fred Israel, John Arndt, Joan Winearls, Peter Hajnal, Al Bowron, Mary Williamson

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