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Long Range Plan 2011-2016

As its major commitment in 2004, the Ex Libris Association Board embarked on an analysis of its accomplishments and planning for its future activities. At the Annual General Meeting, November 8, 2004, the draft proposal for the long-range plan was accepted, with the recommendation that it be reworked by the Executive Committee and presented for final approval at the January 31, 2005 meeting of the Board of Directors. The goals of the reworked plan, together with the proposed means for implementation, are presented below and updated to September 17, 2013: target dates are shown for items of particular, immediate focus.

Goal 1

To provide a forum for interested individuals to stimulate the recollection and publication of the history of Canadian librarianship, ELA will:

Action Responsibility Timeline
a) maintain a biographical database of Canadian library and information science professionals that will document the contributions of those who have made their mark in some way in the library history of English Canada from its beginning; Biography Project Committee Ongoing
b) publish articles of individual professional recollections in ELAN; Newsletter Committee Ongoing Publish 2 issues per year
c) facilitate the collection of oral histories related to library and information science in Canada by:
i) encouraging the safe deposit of material from oral history projects in appropriate archival collections Oral History Project Committee Training session for interviewers List of interviewees
ii) exploring the possibilities of continuing to collect oral history of libraries, librarianship and related fields;
d) encourage the preservation of, and access to, Canadian historical materials in the field of library and information science by: Archivist Ongoing
i) publishing reports and making recommendations concerning the deposit of individuals†personal papers and institutions†archives on the ELA website and in ELAN Website Committee; Newsletter Committee Ongoing
ii) communicating this information to provincial organizations Ongoing
iii) providing assistance to ELA members to find appropriate locations for their personal papers. Archivist Reactive

Goal 2

To serve as a voice for members on library services and other important library-related issues on which they would wish to be heard, ELA will:

Action Responsibility Timeline
a) provide a forum for library and archival related issues of importance through ELAN, the Web site, programmes at annual conferences, and other means; Website Committee; Newsletter Committee; Annual Conference Committee Ongoing
b) sponsor the W.K. Lamb Award for Library Service to Seniors; Public Relations Committee Ongoing
c) identify, monitor, and advocate in problem areas related to librarianship. Ongoing

Goal 3

To act as a medium of communication among members, keep members informed of developments of interest, and continue to improve communication with members throughout Canada, ELA will:

Action Responsibility Timeline
a) publish the newsletter, ELAN, a minimum of twice a year; Newsletter Committee Ongoing
b) develop, maintain, and update the website Facebook and web presence; Website Committee Ongoing
c) maintain an electronic discussion list to facilitate debate and discussion on relevant issues; Treasurer Ongoing
d) provide an ELA presence at the conferences of CLA and provincial and regional associations; Public Relations Committee Ongoing
e) hold annual conferences and such other gatherings as may be deemed appropriate; Annual Conference Committee Ongoing
f) increase provincial and regional activity. Recruitment and Member Services Committee Ongoing

Goal 4

To expand the membership of the Ex Libris Association throughout Canada, ELA will:

Actions Responsibility Timeline
a) explore ways and means of recruiting members, and developing strategies for recruiting members from all parts of Canada; Recruitment and Member Services Committee Ongoing
b) conduct periodic recruitment campaigns; Recruitment and Member Services Committee Ongoing
c) liaise with library and information associations across Canada. Recruitment and Member Services Committee Ongoing

Goal 5

To provide services to the membership of the Ex Libris Association ELA will:

Actions Responsibility Timeline
a) provide a clearinghouse for consultants, e.g. facilitate announcements for consultants, offer distribution via wiki, and other web services. Website Committee Ongoing
b) provide mentorship opportunities; Ongoing
c) arrange tours of libraries, archives, and other related establishments. Public Relations Committee Two tours per year

Updated September 17, 2013

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