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Ex Libris and Advocacy


The Ex Libris Association supports the work of the Canadian Federation of Library Associations/Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques, library associations, archival and other organizations across Canada and the United States in affirming the freedom to read, express, share, and access ideas and viewpoints.

ELA considers it essential that libraries and archives engage in the development of policies, collections, displays, programs, and promotional activities that ensures the communities they serve are defended against infringements to intellectual freedom, the right to free and confidential access to information, and the right to privacy protection.

ELA endorses the CFLA/FCAB statement on Intellectual Freedom and Libraries.

Important statements from leading organizations on intellectual freedom:

American Library Association Library Bill of Rights adopted in 1939 and most recently amended in 2019.

Canadian Association of Research Libraries Freedom of Expression and Inclusive Libraries statement adopted April 2022.

International Federation of Library Associations Libraries and Intellectual Freedom statement adopted January 2007. [PDF download]

CFLA/FCAB statement on Third Party Use of Publicly Funded Library Meetings Rooms and Facilities. [PDF download]

Further information and helpful resources from leading organizations that can be consulted:

Centre for Free Expression, a non-partisan organization focused on freedom of expression at Toronto Metropolitan University. The Centre hosts the Canadian Library Challenges Database, a joint endeavour by CFLA/FCAB and the CFE to document challenges to Canadian library materials, programs, displays, and room rentals. CFE highlights events, issues, awards, and publishes insightful advice and guides as well as promoting libraries and intellectual freedom.

Freedom to Read Week. Library and Archives Canada, the Canadian Urban Libraries Council, the Ontario Library Association, and the Book and Periodical Council have joined to sponsor an annual event in February that encourages Canadians to think about and reaffirm their commitment to intellectual freedom. The Week celebrated its 40th anniversary in 2024.

Banned Books Week is an annual event in the United States that highlights the value of free and open access to information. The Week, held each October, is supported by a coalition of organizations dedicated to free expression: libraries, booksellers, publishers, journalists, authors, teachers, and many others in defence of free expression.

Freedom to Read Week promotional resources: graphics, articles, videos, and information on censorship

CFLA/FCAB Intellectual Freedom Toolkit. {PDF download]

Banned and Challenged Books: the American Library Associations compilation of challenges to books across the United States.

The Canadian Association of University Teachers statement on academic freedom adopted in 1977 and most recently approved in 2023.

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