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Black Lives Matter: Anti-Racism Statements from Library and Archival Associations in Canada (2020)

By Deb Thomas

In the wake of the murder of George Floyd by a police officer which some have called a public lynching, there have been protests and supportive statements around the world for an end of racism and to police brutality against people of colour. Some library associations have responded with statements to support those in Canada and elsewhere working toward a world where people are not discriminated against based on the colour of their skin. A list of Canadian library associations issuing such statements follows:

National Associations

Provincial Associations (as of July 2020)

o Archives Association of British Columbia (AABC) [requires Adobe PDF reader]

o British Columbia Library Association (BCLA)

o BCLA Academic Libraries Section (BCALS) [requires Adobe PDF reader]

o Library Association of Alberta (LAA)

o Nova Scotia Library Association (NSLA)

o Archives Association of Ontario (AAO) [requires Adobe PDF reader]

o Ontario Library Association (OLA)

o Saskatchewan Library Association (SLA)

It should be noted that provincial archival and library associations who have not issued statements in response to Black Lives Matter will often have statements in response to Truth and Reconciliation and/or committees responsible for inclusion and diversity.

School library associations do not have a national voice whose role it is to issue such statements. They may be represented by a provincial school library association that may or may not issue such statements and by, in various regions, a provincial teachers’ association who have issued statements.

See for a full list of school library associations.
See for a full list of teachers’ federations or associations.

The blog has a lengthier list of Canadian responses which includes American and international library, archives and museum statements.

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