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ELA Awards Programs

ELA has been active in providing awards in partnership with other organizations for more than twenty years. It is ELA’s intent that our winners deserve recognition because they further the success of library/archival services across the nation. Our listing of W.K. Lamb award winners is national in scope.

The W.K. Lamb Award for Service to Seniors

The W.K Lamb jAward was inaugurated in 2002. It recognizes recipient libraries across Canada that have made outstanding contributions in this important work. The award is made on a bi-annual basis.

Ex Libris Association Indigenous Student Bursary

Beginning in May 2023, ELA will be providing a bursary program for Indigenous students who wish to further their library/archival education at a university or college. This award will open in May 2023. A media release detailing the process with our partners, Indspire and Library Bound, was issued in March 2023.

Canadian library and archival awards

As well, as an aid to those who are interested in Canadian library/archival awards, ELA has posted a convenient listing of other Canadian awards. However, while the list is useful, it is not comprehensive!



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