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Canadian Library and Archival Awards

The Ex Libris Association hosts an award on a bi-annual basis for library work with Canadian seniors, the W.K. Lamb Award. Beginning in 2023, ELA will be awarding a scholarship for Indigenous students interested in library/archival studies. Across Canada, there are many other organizations, governments, and libraries that make awards regularly. The following list, which is not comprehensive, can serve as a guide for those who are interested in achievements in all types of library and archival work.


Association of Canadian Archivists – several awards

Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives – several awards

Canada Chapter of the Art Libraries Society of North America – Melva J. Dwyer award

Canadian Association of Research Libraries – 2 awards

Canadian Association of University Teachers – Academic Librarians' and Archivists’ Distinguished Service Award

Canadian Association of Law Libraries – several awards

Canadian Health Libraries Association – several awards

Canadian School Libraries – 2 awards

Provincial and Regional


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