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Alice Elizabeth Jean Lunn

b. June 10, 1910, Montreal; d. Apr. 24,1998, Ottawa


BA 1932 History (McGill)
MA 1934 History (McGill)
Royal Society of Canada Travelling Fellowship for Research in France, 1936–37
BLS 1940 (McGill)
PhD History 1942 (McGill)


1940-1946 Cataloguer, McGill University Library
1946-1950 Chief Librarian, Fraser Institute, Montreal
1950-1952 Bibliographer, Editor of Canadiana, Canadian Bibliographic Centre
1953-1973 Director, Cataloguing Division (then Branch), National Library of Canada
1973-1975 Director, Office of Library Standards, National Library of Canada


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Canadiana. (1951-) Ottawa: Canadian Bibliographic Centre / Centre bibliographic canadien 1951-1952. Published semi-monthly January to November 1951 and then monthly. First issue dated January 15, 1951. Editor of Canadiana until 1966.

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[Text in National Library records - written by Jean Lunn, Editor, Canadiana, Canadian Bibliographic Centre. Awaiting proclamation of the National Library Act in 1952]

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Lunn, Jean. (1981) Guidelines for legal deposit legislation. Paris : United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, General Information Programme and UNISIST. PGI -81/WS/23. Also published electronically by UNESCO [PDF]. Accessed August 16, 2013.

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Lunn, Jean. (1986) Développement de la Nouvelle-France, 1763-1760. Traduit de l'anglais par Brigitte Monel-Nish ; présentation de Cameron Nish. Montréal, Presses de l'Université de Montréal.


Association canadienne des bibliothécaires de la langue française
Bibliographical Society of Canada
Canadian Advisory Committee on the International Organization for Standardization
Technical Committee 46 (Documentation)
Canadian Committee on Cataloguing
Canadian Library Association
Standards Council of Canada


“The creation of the national bibliography, Canadiana, stands out as one of Dr. Lunn's most noteworthy achievements. Its production originated from a recommendation for bibliographic services for Canada, put forward by Dr. Lunn in a survey sponsored by Unesco in 1950. Dr. Lunn also participated in the development of the first edition of the Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules as a member of the Canadian Library Association Special Committee on Revision of A.L.A. Catalog code. …As a member of international working groups of experts, she participated in the development of the International Standard Bibliographic Descriptions for monographs and serials.” (The Retirement of Dr. Jean Lunn)


“The national bibliography also began in 1950. In that year the Bibliographic Centre published lists of Canadian books in six instalments in the Canadian Library Association Bulletin. This was in effect a continuation of the Canadian Catalogue of Books published in Canada, about Canada as well as those written by Canadians which had been issued annually by the Toronto Public Library since 1923. In January 1951 the Centre began Canadiana, a separately-published bibliography, issued at first semimonthly, then monthly, with an annual cumulation. At first Canadiana included only commercial publications and those of the federal government. In 1953 publications of the provincial governments were added and in subsequent years sheet music, graduate theses relating to Canada published on microfilm by University Microfilms at Ann Arbor, Michigan, Canadian films and filmstrips and Canadian microforms. As time went on cataloguing became more complete for non-government publications by the addition of Dewey classification numbers, of French and English subject headings and of special classification numbers, similar in form to those used by Library of Congress, for Canadian history and literature. Indexing became more thorough. Volume increased. Canadiana grew in size from some 2,000 entries in 1951 to over 14,000 entries in 1968. (The National Library of Canada 1950-1968)

“Former Associate National Librarian Hope Clement very aptly remarked: “Those involved in Canadian studies owe a tremendous debt to Jean Lunn for creating the bibliographic tools to make works published in Canada, about Canada and by Canadians. accessible. She also played a pioneering role in the development of international bibliographic standards. On a personal note, I appreciated her as a wise and challenging mentor, whose wide knowledge and insistence on the highest standards, combined with a brilliant mind and a dry wit, made her a delight to be with. She was a unique character and will always be remembered as one of the original founders of the services of our National Library.”” (Obituary: Homage to Alice Jean Elizabeth Lunn, 1910-1998)


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ELA biography compiled by Paul McCormick.

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