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Angus McGill Mowat

b. Nov. 19, 1892, Trenton, ON; d. Sept. 21,1977, Kingston, ON

Major Angus Mowat c.1940. Credit Report of the Minister of Education, Ontario


1912-15 and 1926-31 BA (Queen’s University)
1926 Diploma from Library Training School (Ontario Department of Education, Toronto)
1935 MA (University of Saskatchewan)


1922-28 Chief Librarian, Trenton, ON
1928-30 Chief Librarian, Belleville, ON
1930-32 Chief Librarian, Windsor, ON
1932-37 Chief Librarian, Saskatoon, SK
1937-47 Inspector of Public Libraries, ON (interrupted by wartime service, 1940-44)
1948-59 Director of Public Libraries, ON
1959-60 Director of Provincial Library Service, ON


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American Library Association
Ontario Library Association, councillor and second vice-president (1931-32)
Canadian Library Council, councillor
Canadian Library Association, councillor and second vice-president (1948-49)


The Angus Mowat Award of Excellence was established by the Province of Ontario in 1985 to public libraries in recognition of excellence in public library service. It is given annually to projects that demonstrate an innovative application or methodology which other libraries might use as a model and which has resulted in the achievement of improved library service.


Mowat’s education was interrupted by the First World War. He served in the Canadian Engineers, reaching the rank of Lieutenant before he was wounded in the right arm. After the war, he held a number of positions as chief librarian at Trenton, Belleville, Windsor, and Saskatoon, before being appointed in 1937 as Inspector of Public Libraries for the province of Ontario. He remained head of the provincial library office, a part of the Department of Education, until his retirement in 1960. He was a dynamic and positive force for library progress in Ontario, especially his advocacy for county and regional library service in rural and northern parts of the province. Throughout his career he encouraged better quality collections for adults and children, professional staffing and library training, the necessity for improved finances, more efficient management by trustees and librarians, and upgraded or new buildings. He believed strongly that the personal touch was essential for library service and that local effort, supplemented by provincial assistance, was the key ingredient in advancing local library development. His personal efforts to establish a public library at Moose Factory stimulated improvements for aboriginal library service on reservations throughout Canada. After his retirement, Mowat resided in Port Hope where he was a trustee for several years on the local library board. He became a friend of the poet, Al Purdy, and was the subject of the National Film Board short documentary Angus in 1971.


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ELA biography compiled by Lorne Bruce

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