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Anne Isabel Hume

b. 5 April 1892, Seymour Twp. (near Campbellford), ON; d. 3 Jan. 1966, Campbellford, ON.

Anne Hume graduate BA portrait. Credit Queen's Yearbook for the Arts 1914.


1914 BA Queen’s University
1915 Specialist Teaching Certificate in English and History Queen’s University
1919 Library certificate Ontario Library School, Toronto
1957 LL.D. Queen’s University


1915–19 Ontario High school teacher in Beaverton, New Liskeard and Campbellford
1920 Library Assistant, Fort William Public Library (now Thunder Bay)
1920–36 Chief Librarian, Walkerville Public Library
1936–57 Chief Librarian, Windsor Public Library
Occasional lecturer, McGill and Toronto University Library Schools


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President, Ontario Library Association, 1940–1941
President, Canadian Library Association, 1954–1955
American Library Association, councillor
Canadian Association for Adult Education, councillor
founding member of the Windsor Art Association in 1936


“Miss Hume was more than a fine librarian in the technical sense. She was a woman of firm convictions to which she held with perseverance. She was willing to fight for the library cause and had she been lacking in this characteristic she could not have achieved all that she did. Her influence was felt also in many other community organizations in which she had been so active.” — Windsor Star, January 4, 1966


“Anne Hume: Librarian, Book Service Pioneer Dies,” Windsor Star, January 4, 1966
Canadian Who’s Who 1958–1961
Windsor Public Library video profile of Anne Hume to celebrate International Women’s Day [one-and-a-half minutes]

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