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Barbara Eileen Farrell

b. July 22, 1935, Finedon, England; d. Oct. 8, 2004, Ottawa, ON


Honours BA (King's College/London School of Economics Joint School of Geography)
Post-graduate Certificate in Education (Kings College)
1978 MA in Geography (Carleton University)


Geography teacher
1970-1996 Map Librarian, Carleton University
1972-1987 Sessional Lecturer in Cartography, Department of Geography, Carleton University


Farrell, Barbara (1978). Cognitive development in map studies: an examination of cognitive objectives and sequences in a school map studies curriculum. (Thesis (MA) Carleton University). Ottawa.

Farrell, Barbara (1979). “The National Commission for Cartography: report for the period June 1978-May 1979.”ACML Bulletin 30 (March): 44-46.

Farrell, Barbara (1980). “Introduction to cartography: the introductory cartography course at Carleton.” In The introductory cartography course at Canadian universities, pp. 34-41. Ottawa: Canadian Cartographic Association.

Farrell, Barbara (1981). “European map libraries co-operate: the establishment of the group of map librarians within LIBER - Groupe des cartothécaires de LIBER.” ACML Bulletin 38 (March): 39-42.

Farrell, Barbara and Aileen Desbarats (1981). Guide for a small map collection. Ottawa: Association of Canadian Map Libraries.

Farrell, Barbara (1982). “Telidon and maps: a library experiment.” ACML Bulletin 44 (September): 15-19.

Farrell, Barbara (1983). Master's and bachelor's theses, 1965-83. Ottawa: Dept. of Geography, Carleton University.

Farrell, Barbara and Aileen Desbarats (1984). Guide for a small map collection. 2nd ed. Ottawa: Association of Canadian Map Libraries.

Farrell, Barbara (1987). “Map evaluation.” In World mapping today. London: Butterworths. pp. 27-34.

Farrell, Barbara and Aileen Desbarats, eds. (1988). Explorations in the history of Canadian mapping: a collection of essays. Ottawa: Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives.

Farrell, Barbara (1992). Foreign topographic maps in Ontario university map collections. [Toronto]: OCUL Map Group.

Farrell, Barbara (1994). “Digital cartographic information in the map library.” ACMLA Bulletin 91 (September): 1-9.

Farrell, Barbara (1997). “Rand McNally world contemporary atlas with CD-ROM [book review].” Canadian Geographic 117, no. 5 (September/October): 86.

Kerfoot, Helen and Barbara Farrell (1994). Survey undertaken on access to Canadian geographical names, and in particular on potential users' need for a national gazetteer. United Nations Group of Experts on Geographical Names, Seventeen Session, New York, 13-24 June 1994, working paper 30.

Stibbe, Hugo and Barbara Farrell (1975). “National Union Catalogue Committee.” ACML Bulletin 17 (February): 37.


Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives (ACMLA) (formerly Association of Canadian Map Libraries (ACML))
ACML Vice-President 1974-1975
ACML President 1975-1976
ACML Past President 1976-1978
Chaired the following committees: National Union Catalogue Committee; Handbook Committee; Nominations Committee; Awards Committee
Member of the following committees: Map Users' Advisory Committee; Canadian Committee for Bibliographic Control for Cartographic Materials (CCBCCM); Facsimile Committee; Micro reproduction Sub-Committee; Historical Maps Committee; Directory Committee; Software Forum; Conference Programme Committee, 1991; Conference Committee, 1993
ACML Bulletin editor: numbers 16 (November 1974)-18 (May 1975)

Other Associations/Committees:

Anglo-American Cataloguing Committee for Cartographic Materials
Geographical Names Board of Canada
OCUL Map Group


Carleton University Professional Librarian Achievement Award, 1977, 1987, 1994 and 1997
ACMLA Honours Award, 1989
Carleton University Plaque, 1996 “dedicated to Barbara Farrell, graduate of Carleton, author, geographer, cartographer, founder and ardent promoter of the University Map Collection. She served this University from 1970 to 1996.” Plaque was mounted in the Maps, Data, and Government Publications Centre.
ACMLA lifetime Honorary Member, 2004


The obituary notice in Carleton Now provides an excellent summary of Barbara's commitment to her profession.
“Farrell founded the Map Library at Carleton University, building it over 26 years into a strong, well-respected collection. Her dedication to excellence and leadership among her staff and colleagues at Carleton were exemplary. As one of the leading Canadian map librarians, she was a model for new and aspiring map librarians, demonstrating how a map collection should be developed and managed. The collection she built, initially within the Department of Geography and now part of the Library's Maps, Data and Government Information Centre, holds to principles she established for it prior to her retirement in 1996.”
In the obituary notice to the cartographic community, Susan Jackson, one of Barbara's colleagues stated “Barbara served her collection and clients with passion and commitment. Barbara lived and breathed her love of maps and map-making, which tied closely to her artistic flair for painting and photography, fields she was actively engaged in since her retirement in 1996.”
In ACMLA Bulletin 130 (Fall 2007), it was reported that Barbara was one of six individuals who were awarded Honoury Membership in the Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives. “All were extremely active and involved members. From the outset they assumed leadership roles within the Association and championed the Association beyond the confines of institutional walls.”


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