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Charles Henry Gould

b. Dec. 6, 1855, Groveton, New Hampshire; d. July 30, 1919, Montreal

Charles Henry Gould, n.d. Credit McGill University


1877 BA (McGill University)


1880-1887 Organist, American Presbyterian Church, Montreal
1892-1904 University Librarian, McGill University
1904-19 McGill University Library School (summer course sessions)


Gould, Charles H. (1898). Description of important libraries in Montreal, with marks upon departmental libraries. Transactions and proceedings of the Second International Library Conference held in London July 13-16, 1897. London: Morrison & Gibbs: 151-15.

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Gould, Charles H. (1908). “The Cutter Expansive Classification.” Proceedings of the Ontario Library Association Annual Meeting: 17-20.

Gould, Charles H. (1908). “Regional libraries.” Library Journal 33: 218-219.

Gould, Charles H. (1909). “Co-ordination, or method in co-operation: address of the President, American Library Association, Bretton Woods Conference, 1909.” Library Journal 34, 8: 335-340.


1908-1909 President, American Library Association
1912-1913 President, Bibliographical Society of America

Accomplishments and Honours:

Charles Gould made a landmark contribution to Canadian librarianship by introducing courses for library education at McGill in 1904. During his tenure as University Librarian collections were catalogued, staff augmented, space increased, and McGill became this country’s largest academic resource by the end of WW I. While he was President of ALA, its headquarters moved to Chicago and a chief executive position was created. He was highly regarded, not only in Canada, but in the United States and United Kingdom for his knowledge and dedication to the profession.


“Gould was a rather quiet man of slow speech, a very loyal Canadian, wedded to the British Empire and its traditions, but nonetheless a loyal friend and colleague.” – William Warner Bishop, University Librarian, University of Michigan (1915-41), in Library Quarterly, 1949.


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