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Douglas Grant Lochhead

b. Mar. 25, 1922, Guelph, ON; d. Mar. 15, 2011, Sackville, NB


BA (pre-med) 1943 (McGill); MA 1947 (Toronto); BLS 1951 (McGill)


1951-1952 Librarian and Professor of English, Victoria College, B.C.
1952 Cornell University
1953-1960 University Librarian, Dalhousie University
1960-1963 Director of Libraries and Associate Professor, York University
1963-1975 Senior Fellow and Founding Librarian of Massey College and Professor, Department of English, University of Toronto
1975-1987 Davidson Professor of Canadian Studies, Mount Allison University
1987-1990 First Writer-in-Residence, Mount Allison University
1990-2011 Professor Emeritus, Mount Allison University

Selected Publications:

Lochhead, Douglas (1959). An old woman looks out on Gabarus Bay remembering history. June 8, 1958. Halifax: Three Fathom Press.

Lochhead, Douglas (1984). The panic field prose poems. Fredericton: Fiddlehead Poetry Books. Goose Lane Editions.

Lochhead, Douglas (1986). Tiger in the skull: new and selected poems. Fredericton: Fiddlehead Poetry Books, Goose Lane Editions.

Lochhead, Douglas (1991). Black festival: a long poem. Sackville, NB: Harrier editions.

Lochhead, Douglas (1992). Homage to Henry Alline and other poems. Fredericton: Goose Lane Editions.

Lochhead, Douglas (1997). Breakfast at Mel’s and other poems of love and places. Frederiction: Goose Lane Editions.

Lochhead, Douglas (1997). All things do continue: poems. Toronto: St Thomas Poetry Series.

Lochhead, Douglas (2000). Cape enrage: poems on a raised beach. Toronto: Wolsak and Wynn.

Lochhead, Douglas (2007). That place by Tantramar.: Sackville, New Brunswick poems. Sackville, NB: Town of Sackville.

Lochhead, Douglas (2009). Looking into trees: poems. Illustrations by Kenneth Lochhead. Sackville, NB: Sybertooth, inc.


1967-1971 Vice-chairman of the League of Canadian Poets; Life member.
1989-1997 President, Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton, NB


1975 Golden Dog Award
1976 Fellow, Royal Society of Canada
1980 Governor General’s Award for Poetry, finalist for High marsh road
1987 D.Litt. Saint Mary’s University
1987 L.L.D Dalhousie University
2002 Poet Laureate of Sackville for life
2005 Carlo Betocchi International Poetry Prize for High Marsh Road/ La Strada di Tantramar
Alden Nowlan Award for Excellence in English-language Literary Arts

Other areas of activity:

Served as an infantry officer in the Canadian Army during World War II
Taught English and was a member of library staffs in Canada, United States and Scotland
President of Goose Lane Editions, Fredericton-, N.B., 1989-1997
League of Canadian Poets life member; vice chairman, 1967-1971


“Douglas Lochhead requested a sofa in his office for his afternoon naps. ‘You, sir, shall have a divan’ said his boss, Robertson Davies … He worked closely with Master Davies to establish two special collections: Canadian literature in English and 19th century bibliography …When he wasn’t teaching, Lochhead loved to examine the world around him and describe what he saw in verse. He was a scholar-librarian, who published more than 30 poetry collections. His first book came out in 1959, and the final one was published 50 years later, when the author was 86.” (Noreen Shanahan, The Globe and Mail).


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A comprehensive list of his publications can be found in the University of Toronto catalogue.

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