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Julia Annette Elizabeth Dafoe

b. Oct. 22, 1900, Montreal, QC; d. 25 April, 1960, Winnipeg, MB

Elizabeth Dafoe, c. 1948. Credit Canadian Library Association


BA 1923 (University of Manitoba)
library training at New York Public Library and University of Chicago Graduate Library School


1925-1932 Circulation and Reference Assistant, University of Manitoba Library
1935-1937 Chief Librarian, Junior Division, University of Manitoba Library
1937-1960 Chief Librarian, University of Manitoba Library


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1943-46 President, Manitoba Library Association
1948-49 President, Canadian Library Association
1949-1954 member, American Library Association Council


Elizabeth Dafoe Library of the University of Manitoba named in her honour.


For a quarter of century, Elizabeth Dafoe was a central figure in the development of the University of Manitoba library in Winnipeg. Her efforts were noteworthy and resulted in her selection to represent western Canadian and academic interests in the wartime Canadian Library Council which led to the successful formation of the Canadian Library Association in 1946. Dafoe's interests included the formation of regional libraries, a topic she promoted in wartime publications, as well the creation of a National Library in Ottawa. From 1953-1960 she was a member of the National Library Advisory Council.


“It is our hope for Canadian libraries that they will eventually form part of a nation-wide system. It is my hope that as they develop it will be possible for them to lay less stress on information and more on knowledge, less emphasis on the book of the month and more on the book of the decade, less accentuation on momentary interests and fads and more upon infinite concerns and problems.” — Elizabeth Dafoe, Canadian Library Association conference, 1949.

“Her tireless message of the need for a 'national library' and her outspoken ideas helped to define the mandate of the National Library of Canada”. [extract from her biography on Library and Archives Canada. Celebrating Women's Achievements].


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