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Henry Cummings Campbell

b. Vancouver, 1919; d. Toronto, July 31, 2009

Henry Cummings Campbell c.1956. Credit Toronto Public Library


1940 BA (Univesity of British Columbia)
1941 BLS (University of Toronto)
1949 MA Library Science and Adult Education (Columbia University)


1941-1943 Librarian, National Film Board of Canada
1943-1946 Producer, National Film Board of Canada
1946-1949 Archivist, AV Services, United Nations Archives, Lake Success, New York
1949-1956 Programme Director, Library Division, UNESCO
1958-1981 Chief Librarian, Toronto Public Library
1978-1981 Library and Information Consultant, Espial Productions Ltd.

Publications (major contributions):

Campbell, H.C. 1959. Toronto builds an extension [central reference library]. Library Journal 84, 1 Dec.: 3706-08.

Campbell, H.C. 1959. Libraries and Urban Development in Canada. Journal of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada 36, no. 4 (April): 113.

Campbell, H.C. 1961. The immigrant and the public library [Toronto]. Library Journal 86, 1 June: 2057-59.

Campbell, H.C. 1961. Public libraries in metropolitan Toronto. Wilson Library Bulletin 35, Jan.: 359-64.

Campbell, H.C. 1962. Toronto’s overseas interne scheme: 10 years after. Journal of Education for Librarianship 2, Winter: 158-161.

Campbell, H.C. 1963. New Canadians tune in to the public library. UNESCO Bulletin for Libraries 17, March-April: 63-4.

Campbell, H.C. 1964. The nature and purpose of increased government assistance, federal, provincial and local. Canadian Library 20, Jan.: 186-189.

Campbell, H.C. 1964. Public libraries in Metropolitan Toronto—1957–1964. Ontario Library Review 48, 2: 64-69.

Campbell, H.C. 1966. A proposal for a bibliographic bank for the Province of Ontario. Library Resources and Technical Services 10, 4: 512-519.

Campbell, H.C. 1966. Some implications for libraries of communications satellites. UNESCO Bulletin for Libraries 20, May-June: 129-133,139.

Campbell, H.C. 1967. Are libraries hot or cool? Wilson Library Bulletin 41, May: 911-12.

Campbell, H.C. 1968. The effect of metropolitanism on the public library. Library Quarterly 38, Jan.: 32-40.

Campbell, H.C. 1969. National planning for Canadian science and social science information systems. Library Trends 17, 3: 280-88.

Campbell, H.C. and Virginia F. Ludlow. 1969. The Canadian library scene. International Library Review 1, April: 213-23.

Campbell, H.C. 1971. Canadian Libraries, 2nd. ed. Toronto: Pendragon House.

Campbell, H.C. 1973. A look ahead for the Toronto Public Library. IPLO Quarterly 14, Jan.: 104-07.

Campbell, H.C. 1973. Metropolitan public library systems in Canada. Pakistan Library Bulletin 6, 1-2: 1-28.

Campbell, H.C. 1980. The Future of Electronic Libraries and Electronic Publishing in Canada: A Position Paper for the Canadian Library Association. Ottawa: Canadian Library Association.

Campbell, H.C. 1980. Manual on Public Library Systems and Services, 1981

Campbell, H.C. 1980. Computer Information Systems in the Peopleâ€s Republic of China. 1986.

Associations and Committees:

Canadian Library Association, President, 1973-74
American Library Association
Canadian Association for Information Science/L'Association canadienne des sciences de l'information
Ontario Library Association


1950 Establishment of a foundation for Universal Bibliographic Control/UNESCO Programme
1967 Establishment of a metropolitan library system
1974 Establishment of the Harry Campbell IFLA Conference Attendance Grant to assist librarians from Developing Countries to attend IFLA
1977 Ontario Library Association Trustee Award
1979 Honorary Fellow, International Federation of Library Associations
1984 P.N. Kaula Medal

Other areas of activity:

National information planning, international information planning, special library management. Consultant in collection development, databases/systems, special libraries, staff development


“Harry exceeded expectations – he was so smart and energetic, although on occasion we did speculate about the origin of the word “Harried.” — Professor Patricia Fleming on the occasion of his memorial, August 24, 2009.

“Harry's mission was to establish TPL as the cultural and intellectual hub of an expanding, cosmopolitan and ever more multicultural city. He did that with vision, creative thinking, out-of-the box innovations while encouraging all to look outward, to embrace the community and spread the word of the library as being integral to a civilized society. . .” — Paula de Ronde on the occasion of his memorial, August 24, 2009.

In 1963, Theresa G, Falkner, chair of the Toronto Public Library, wrote in her annual report of a “dynamic new climate” in TPL, of electricity in the air, experimentation going on and a feeling of excitement and described the situation as follows: 'The human dynamo generating this vibrating wind of change in the library is Harry C. Campbell. Dr. Sanderson did well to recommend him to the board as his successor. In our chief librarian we have a brilliant driving force, fearless, optimistic and tireless. His vigorous leadership is deeply appreciated by the Board.'” — Paula de Ronde on the occasion of his memorial, August 24, 2009.


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