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Josephine Katharine Greenfield

J. Katharine Greenfield BA portrait. Credit Torontonensis 1942.

b. Mar. 28, 1921, Hamilton, ON; d. Apr. 26, 2015, Hamilton, ON


1942 BA (University of Toronto)
1943 BLS (University of Toronto)
1970 MLS (University of Toronto)


1943-1944 Ottawa Public Library
1944-1983 various positions at Hamilton Public Library, including circulation librarian at the Kenilworth Branch and children's librarian at the Central Library
1968 Canadiana Librarian, Hamilton Public Library
1971 Head of Reference, Hamilton Public Library
1974 first Head of the new Special Collections Department (now known as Local History and Archives). She remained in this position until her retirement in 1983.
Archivist (volunteer), Christ’s Church Cathedral (Anglican), Hamilton, ON


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Greenfield, J. Katharine (1968). Some authors of Victorian Hamilton. Paper delivered before the Hamilton Association, October 19, 1968.

Greenfield, J. Katharine (1971). “Some Victorian authors - and Hamilton.” Wentworth Bygones 9: 25-33.

Greenfield, J. Katharine (1975). “The Reverend Thomas Geoghegan, 1846-1906.” Wentworth Bygones 11: 9-19.

Greenfield, J. Katharine (1984). “The Head-of-the-Lake Historical Society, the first forty years.” Wentworth Bygones 14: 76-82.

Greenfield, J. Katharine (1985). Victorian weddings. A talk given on Heritage Day, Feb. 18, 1985, at the Hamilton Public Library.

Greenfield, J. Katharine (1988). “The Hamilton Association for the Advancement of Literature, Science and Art.” Wentworth Bygones 15: 21-30.

Greenfield, Katharine (1989). Hamilton Public Library: a celebration of vision and leadership. Hamilton Public Library.

Greenfield, Katharine (2001). An archivist talks: tales of early Hamilton and our Cathedral.

In addition to these publications, Katharine Greenfield prepared several signed biographies of Hamilton notables for the Dictionary of Canadian Biography (University of Toronto Press) and the Dictionary of Hamilton Biography. She prepared many guides and calendars of archival papers for the local history and archival collection, Hamilton Public Library.


Head-of-the-Lake Historical Society (President, 1978-1979)
Hamilton Association for the Advancement of Science, Literature and Art
Hamilton Historical Society


1997 Honorary Lay Canon, Christ’s Church Cathedral, Anglican Diocese of Niagara
2014 Reverend T. Melville Bailey Heritage Award


Librarian and archivist Katharine Greenfield she ensured the acquisition of much material on the history of Hamilton that would otherwise have been lost. A noted local historian, she was a popular speaker, as well as author, on the history of Hamilton and of her church, Christ’s Church Cathedral (Anglican). Her ancestors arrived in Hamilton in 1983. Her work to ensure the collection and preservation Hamilton’s history is a lasting legacy.


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