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Katharine Lucy Ball

Katharine Lucy Ball BA portrait. Credit Torontonensis 1926

b. July 26, 1904, Toronto, ON; d. April 21, 1991, Toronto, ON


1926 BA (Toronto)
1928 BA (Oxon)
1947 BLS (Toronto)
1951 MA (Oxon)


1928-1942 Circulation and Reference Departments, University of Toronto Library
1942-1945 Royal Canadian Air Force, Women's Division
1945-1951 Cataloguer, University of Toronto Library
1951-1959 Assistant Professor, University of Toronto Library School
1959-1964 Associate Professor, University of Toronto Library School
1964-1970 Professor, University of Toronto, School of Library Science
1970-1991 Professor Emerita


Ball, Katharine L. (1954). “Comparison of Library School Curricula and Degree Granting in Canada and the U.S.” In Proceedings of the Canadian Library Association 9th Annual Conference Meeting, Halifax, June 21–24, 1954, pp. 16–18. Ottawa: Canadian Library Association.

Ball, Katharine L. (1962). “The Paris Conference.” Library Resources & Technical Services 6, no. 2 (Spring ): 172–175.

Ball, Katharine L. (1962). “International conference on cataloguing rules and principles.” Canadian Library 18, no.1 (January): 147–155.

Ball, Katharine L. (1968). “Study of Canadian Libraries: Their Resources, Performance and Development.” Canadian Library 24, no. 5 (March): 515–516.

Ball, Katharine L. et. al. comps (1968). Sample Catalogue Cards exemplifying the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules. 3rd ed. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Ball, Katharine L. (1969). “Presidential Address [CLA].” In Proceedings of the Canadian Library Association 24th Annual Conference, St. John’s, Newfoundland, June 7–13, 1969, pp. 2–3. Ottawa: Canadian Library Association.

Packer, Katharine H., Delores Phillips, eds., and Katharine L. Ball, supervising ed. (1969). The Code and the cataloguer: proceedings of the Colloquium on the Anglo-American Cataloging Rules at the School of Library Science, University of Toronto on March 31 and April 1, 1967. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Ball, Katharine L. (1970). “Accreditation of Canadian Library Schools.” Canadian Library Journal 27, no. 6 (December): 436–441.

Associations / Committees:

1954-1967 Member, Advisory Board, ALA, Catalog Code Revision Committee
1959-1960 Chair, ALA, CCS, Cataloging Policy and Research Committee
1961 Official CLA Delegate to the International Conference of Cataloguing Principles, Paris, France.
1961 Chair, Canadian Institute on Cataloguing Principles and Rules
1964-1965 Chair ALA Margaret Mann Citation Committee
Chair, CLA Cataloguing Section
Director at large, ALA, Library Education Division


1967 Government of Canada, Centennial Medal
1969 First Canadian to be awarded the ALA Margaret Mann Citation in Cataloging and Classification “for distinguished service to librarianship through international activities in cataloging, teaching, publication and participation in professional Associations in Canada and the United States”. ( Library Resources &Technical Services)


1968/69 President, Canadian Library Association
1968-1970 Chair, CLA, Cataloging and Classification Sectio; Member and Chair, Richmond Hill Public Library Boar; First woman president, Faculty Club of the University of Toronto; and Chair, Ontario Regional Group of Cataloguers.

Other areas of Activity:

By 1945, achieved the rank of Squadron Officer with the position of Staff officer in the RCAF Women's Division, with no.6 Canadian Bomber Group.


From the Margaret Mann Citation: “ A dynamic person, with alert grasp of principles and gifted performance, she has had profound influence on cataloging theory and practice in Canada and, with charming, enthusiastic leadership has achieved agreement among Canadian and American catalogers.”

In the OLA News : She brought to her students a wise understanding of library objectives, high professional competence in her particular field of cataloguing and classification, the outstanding teacher's invaluable gift of presenting lucidly both theoretical insights and pragmatic approaches, a delightful sense of humor, and a blessed common sense.“


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