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Margaret Amelia Banks

b. July 3, 1928, Québec, QC; d. Apr. 29, 2010, London, ON


1949 BA (Hons.) Bishop’s University
1950 MA University of Toronto
1953 PhD History (University of Toronto)


1953-1961 Archivist, Archives of Ontario
1961-1989 Law Librarian, University of Western Ontario
1967-1974 Assistant Professor (Law), University of Western Ontario
1969-1974 Assistant Professor (Graduate History), University of Western Ontario
1974-1986 Associate Professor (Graduate History and Law), University of Western Ontario
1986-1989 Professor, University of Western Ontario
1989 Professor Emerita of Law, University of Western Ontario


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1961-1963 Founding member of Canadian Association of Canadian Association of Law Libraries
1964-1966 Treasurer, Canadian Association of Law Libraries
1989 Honoured Member, Canadian Association of Law Libraries
Member, American Association of Law Libraries
Member, Osgoode Society for Canadian Legal History
Member, Arts and Letters Club, Toronto
Member, National Association of Parliamentarians (U.S.A.). Joined 1972. Qualified as registered parliamentarian 1973, professional registered parliamentarian 1984.
Member, American Institute of Parliamentarians. Qualified as certified parliamentarian 1977, and as certified professional parliamentarian 1982.
1990-1995 Chair, Opinions Committee, American Institute of Parliamentarians


1999 President’s Award, Ontario Occupational Health Nurses Association, for services relating to procedure at meetings.


Margaret Banks was the second Law Librarian at the library of the University Western Ontario Faculty of Law. She also held a faculty appointment at Law – the first female to achieve this position – and another in the department of history. She was “the Doyenne of Canada’s law librarians”, and made numerous contributions to the law library profession, including writing a history of the Canadian Law Library Association. She was a meticulous scholar, a noted authority on parliamentary procedures, and the author of numerous books and articles relating to law, history and parliamentary procedures.
“For the first two thirds of the [University of Western Ontario] law school’s life, Margaret was one of the most important people in the school, said Ian Holloway, Dean of Western Law. The Law Library has an ethos of service and support that is rare today and that ethos originated with Margaret. Her dedication the interests of the schools was unwavering. She was an authority on the law and custom of parliament, and during her career she had occasion to be consulted by the Speakers of both the House of Commons
“Her contribution to the University of Western Ontario … was recognized by the creation of the Banks Room in the Law School. Her portrait, which presides over the room, was a gift of the Carswell Company on the occasion of her retirement and was given to the Law School in recognition of her contribution to Carswell and to the legal profession.”


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