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Anne Marie Tremaine

Marie Tremaine. Credit Bulletin of Bibliography 1949

b. Feb. 23, 1902, Buffalo, New York; d. Aug. 2, 1984, Washington, District of Columbia


Humberside Collegiate, Toronto
1926 BA (Hons) University of Toronto
1926 Certificate Ontario Department of Education Library School
1929–1930 Carnegie Foundation, the first Canadian Fellowship to study bibliographic methods at University of London, School of Librarianship
1935–1937 Carnegie Fellowship for bibliographic Studies on Canadian Imprints, Yale University


1927–1941 Reference Division librarian, Toronto Public Library
1941–1947 Associate Head, Reference Division, Toronto Public Library
1947–1969 Director, Arctic Institute of North America,
1969–1975 Editor Emerita, Arctic Institute of North America


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Tremaine, Marie, ed. (1940). Canadian Book of Printing: How Printing Came to Canada and the Story of the Graphic Arts, Told Mainly in Pictures. Toronto: Toronto Public Libraries.

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Marie Tremaine (1951). “A half-century of Canadian life and print, 1751–1800,” pp. 371–390 in Essays Honoring Lawrence C. Wroth. Portland, Oregon, Anthoensen Press.

Tremaine, Marie (1952). A Bibliography of Canadian Imprints, 1751–1800. Toronto: University of Toronto Press.

Tremaine, Marie, editor (1953-1975). Arctic Bibliography vols. 1-14.


Member: Arctic Circle, Arctic Institute of North America
Founding member of Bibliographic Society of Canada and honorary president, 1965
Memberhips in CLA, OLA, SLA, BSA, American Geographical Society


1947 became an honorary member of CLA
1970 Marie Tremaine Medal was established by the Bibliographical Society of Canada and she was the first recipient
1973 Honorary member, Arctic Institute of North America
1976 D.Litt Trent University. Peterborough, Ontario


Marie Tremaine's work on Canadian Bibliography is considered to be an essential landmark in the field.

“Marie Tremaine often says that she is not a historian, and certainly not a scientist! Perhaps not; but through the examination of early Canadian and American imprints she has a knowledge of detail concerning the settlement of North America, that a historian might well envy, and a sense of the living history behind the people of this continent that gives her, as a librarian a creative approach to a community.” — Florence B. Murray, 1949

“Her influence on me has been considerable, her work continues to be of immeasurable help. She set the highest standards in Canadian bibliographical scholarship, standards we must labour to meet and maintain.” — Douglas G. Lochhead, 1984


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