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Mavis Olive Cariou

b. Oct. 11, 1928, Jersey, Channel Islands, UK; d. Apr. 17, 2016, Toronto, ON


1950 BA (University College, University of Toronto)
1965 BLS (University of Toronto)
1967 MLS (University of Toronto)
1973 M.Ed (Queen's University)
1983 PhD (University of Michigan)


School librarian at Thistletown Collegiate and consultant to Etobicoke Board of Education
1967-1994 Professor, Faculty of Information Studies, University of Toronto


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Cariou, Mavis (1984). “Education for automation.” In Computer applications in Ontario government libraries, by Brian H. Morrison and Douglas Armstrong: 1-10. Toronto: Ontario Government Libraries' Council.

Cariou, Mavis, Sandra J. Cox, Alvan. Bregman, and Edith T. Jarvi (1985). Canadian selection: books and periodicals for libraries. 2nd ed. Toronto: Published for the Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Culture and the Centre for Research in Librarianship, University of Toronto [by] University of Toronto Press.

Cariou, Mavis, Adele Fasick and John P. Wilkinson. (1990). A response to the Ontario public library strategic plan. Toronto: Faculty of Library and Information Science.

Cariou, Mavis (2009). “Canadian On-line Journals – 2009 Update.” ELAN 46 (fall): 9-10.


Member of Ontario Library Association and Canadian Library Association
Chair of the OLAs School and Intermediate Libraries Section, 1966-1967


Recipient of the University of Toronto Arbor Award [2003] given “to recognize alumnae and friends of the University for their outstanding volunteer efforts.”


Dr. Cariou “was on faculty at the University of Toronto iSchool for more than 25 years. She was responsible for the Faculty's Continuing Education Programme as well as teaching. [She] was well known for her knowledge and teaching in the library field.”

“She taught statistical methods to generations of FIS students. Many of her former students will remember her fantastic statistics class. Her professional interests [were] in communication, education and technology, semantics, learning and reading theory, and audiovisual materials.”

“For many years Professor Cariou was the Faculty specialist in the school library stream. Her students went on to establish and develop school and public library services for children in Ontario. Professor Cariou's concern for her students did not end when they graduated: she served as a mentor for librarians who called on her for advice in their professional lives. No matter how busy she was, Professor Cariou was always available to help her former students. Throughout her career, she was one of the most popular faculty members at the school.”

“During the 1970s and 1980s when the advent of computers was changing the face of librarianship, Mavis Cariou was one of the most forward-looking members of the profession. She worked with the Ontario Ministry of Education when they were developing computer services for schools and helped to shape the services provided.”

“Another continuing interest of Professor Cariou was intellectual freedom. She championed the right of libraries to collect and make available a wide range of materials for all their patrons.”


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