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Charles Keith Morison

b. Feb. 12, 1891,Ormstown, QC; d. April 25, 1977, Victoria, BC


1912 BA (McGill University)
1914-1915 (University of Wisconsin Library School and field practice at Wisconsin Legislative Reference Library)
1934 BLS (McGill University)


1915-1919 Canadian army service in France
1920-1926 Worked in the oil fields of Mexico and California
1926-1933 Trucker and investment agent in Victoria, B.C.
1934-1940 Book-van driver, then Chief Librarian, Fraser Valley Regional Library
1940-1946 Provincial Librarian, British Columbia
1940-1956 Superintendent, British Columbia Library Commission
1956-1959 Children’s librarian, Vancouver Island Regional Library


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British Columbia Library Association, President 1937-1938
Member of Canadian Library Association, American Library Association, and Pacific Northwest Library Association


For a quarter of a century, Morison crossed the United States and Canada to many library conventions and returned with many ideas for improvements and encouragement of services in British Columbia. In a review of his career, he remarked “That [travelling] is what I have most enjoyed in library work whether in the Fraser Valley or in the Public Library Commission, meeting the public.” After his ‘retirement’ in 1956, he worked for a short time in a public library on Vancouver Island and later as a volunteer circulation assistant at Victoria College (now the University of Victoria).

The C.K. Morison Memorial Prize is awarded to students for library work by the University of British Columbia, School of Library, Archival and Information Studies.


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