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Neal Rotan Harlow

b. June 11, 1908, Columbus, Indiana; d. July 13, 2000, Los Angeles, Calif.


1928-1929 (California State University, Fresno)
1929-1930 (Santa Ana Junior College); BEd.(Art)
1932 (University of California, Los Angeles); Certificate in Librarianship
1933 (University of California, Berkeley)


1934-1938 Junior Librarian, Bancroft Library, University of California, Berkeley
1938-1945 Assistant Librarian, California Section, California State Library
1945-1947 Head, Gifts and Exchanges Division, University of California, Los Angeles Library
1947-1949 Head, Special Collections Division, University of California, Los Angeles Library
1949-1950 Assistant Librarian, University of California, Los Angeles Library
1951-1961 University Librarian, University of British Columbia
1961-1969 Dean, Graduate School of Library Science, Rutgers University


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American Library Association; Canadian Library Association; California Library Association; Pacific Northwest Library Association; British Columbia Library Association; Book Club of California; Zamorano Club.


1989 Fellow, Historical Society of Southern California.


1960-1961 President, Canadian Library Association

Other areas of activity:

1947-1949 Editor, California Library Bulletin
1954-1957 Board, Pacific Northwest Bibliographical Center
1958-1961 National Research Council, Advisory Board on Scientific and Technical Information
1959-1963 American Library Association Committee on Accreditation
1960-1961 President, Canadian Library Association


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