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Peter Augustus Frederick Grossman

Peter Grossman, c.1953. Credit Canadian Library Association Bulletin.

b. 3 June 1910, Sardis (Chilliwack), BC; d. 17 Dec. 1973, North Vancouver, BC


1930 BA University of British Columbia
1938 Library Certificate University of California, School of Librarianship
1971 LL.D. Dalhousie University (honorary)


1931–1936 Assistant and driver for Fraser Valley Regional Library demonstration
1937 Assistant Librarian, Fraser Valley Union Library
1938–1940 Librarian, Vancouver Island Union Library
1940–1945 Major, Westminster Regiment, Canadian Army WW II
1946–1948 Regional Librarian, Fraser Valley Union Library
1948–1952 Director, Regional Libraries, Nova Scotia Regional Libraries Commission
1952–1954 Director, Nova Scotia Provincial Library
1954–1957 Assistant Librarian, Vancouver Public Library
1957–1969 Director, Vancouver Public Library


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President, Maritime Library Association, 1951–1952
President, Canadian Library Association, 1953–1954
President, British Columbia Library Association, 1958–1959


“The experimental spirit which is the keynote of Nova Scotia library development is not confined to the 'planning staff.' Every librarian, from the chief to the local part-time branch assistant, and every bookmobile driver is busy working out ideas for improving the service. There is no sales problem at this stage; it is a case of how best to meet the demand.” — Peter Grossman, 1951

“His ability for making friends with the public is one of Mr. Grossman's greatest gifts, and this, together with a knowledge and love of books and the experience in organization which he gained from his army service, should guarantee him success in his new position. The good wishes of the British Columbia Library Association follow him and his family to their new.” — British Columbia Library Quarterly, 1948


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