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Sheila Agnes Egoff

b. January 20, 1918, Auburn, Maine; d. May 22, 2005, Vancouver, BC

Sheila A. Egoff. Credit Canadian Children's Literature, 1994.


1937 Graduate of Galt Collegiate (now in Cambridge, Ontario}
1938 Diploma in Librarianship, University of Toronto
1948 BA (University of Toronto);
1949 Diploma in Librarianship (University College, London)
1950 FLA, Fellow of the Library Association (UK)


1938–1942, Librarian. Galt Public Library
1942–1952, Children's Librarian, Boys and Girls House, Toronto Public Library
1952–1957, Reference Librarian, Toronto Public Library
1957–1962, Editor, Canadian Library Association
1962–1984, Professor, School of Library, Archival and Information Studies, University of British Columbia


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American Library Association, Canadian Library Association, Library Association (UK), British Columbia Library Association, Association of British Columbia Librarians


1994 Officer of the Order of Canada
1982 American Library Association Ralph R. Shaw Award for Library Literature (for Thursday's child)
1983 University of Utah, 5th Landau Award for Excellence in Teaching and Young Adult Literature
2002 Queen Elizabeth II Commemorative Golden Jubilee Medal
Honorary Doctorates from University of Victoria (1997), University of Alberta (1985), and University of New Brunswick (1986)

Accomplishments and Comments:

Professor Egoff was instrumental in negotiating the transfer of the Osborne Collection of Early English Children's Books to Boys and Girls House, Toronto Public Library, 1949.

“Sheila Egoff was the first critic of children's literature from Canada to be recognized internationally. Her contribution to children's literature scholarship is broad ranging, involving many interests and approaches, from Canadian and international children's literature to scholarly bibliography of early and rare children's book collections. Sheila has written seminal works of children's literature scholarship for over fifty years, beginning in the 1950s, a time when little serious scholarship was available, and children's literature was not respected in the academy. Through her teaching, advocacy, and scholarship, she was one of the early ground-breaking academics and critics who worked to bring the present acceptance and recognition of children's literature as a legitimate scholarly discipline into being.” — Judith Saltman in ABC Bookworld, May 2005


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