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Sherrill Cheda

Maiden name: Sherrill Schneider

b. Feb. 15, 1936, Osgood, Indiana; d. June 7, 2008 Toronto ON


1958 BA University of Indiana
1963 MLS University of Indiana


1962–1964 Enoch Pratt Free Library, Baltimore
1964–1966 Librarian, San Francisco State College
1967 Cataloguer, University of British Columbia
1966–1969 Librarian, Simon Fraser University
1969–1973 Librarian, Indian and Eskimo Association, Toronto
1973–1978 Chief Librarian, Seneca College, Toronto
1978–1979 Chair, Applied Arts Division, Seneca College, Toronto


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Co-founder of Emergency Librarian with Phyllis Yaffe and Barbara Clubb.
Sherrill Cheda Graduate Scholarship in Women's Studies, York University. Established in 2008 to honour Sherrill's “contributions to feminism and her dedication to making a difference.”

Other areas of activity:

1979 Executive Director, Canadian Periodical Publisher's Association
1986 Ontario Ministry of Culture and Communications
1991–1995 Ontario Publishing Centre
Member, New Feminists; Columnist for Chatelaine; Registrar, Ontario Arts Council


Described by Sandra Martin as “a feminist librarian, arts administrator, and cultural activist.”
“She was convinced of her principles, strong in her views. They were important to her” - Phyllis Yaffe


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