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Theodore Edmund (Ted) Layng

b. 1914 in eastern Ontario; d. Sept. 27, 1988, Kingston, ON


1948 BA History (Queen’s University, Kingston, ON)


1948-1955 Map Division, Public Archives of Canada
1955-1973 Chief, National Map Collection (Map Division), Public Archives of Canada


Layng, Theodore E. (1956). Sixteenth-century maps relating to Canada: a checklist and bibliography. Ottawa: Public Archives of Canada.

Layng, Theodore E. (1957). “Cartography.” In Encyclopedia Canadiana.

Layng, Theodore E. (1960). “Highlights in the mapping of Canada.” Canadian Library.

Layng, Theodore E. (1961). Charting the course to Canada. Lisboa : [Comissão Executiva dos Comemoracões do V Centenário da Morte do Infante D. Henrique].

Ganong, William Francis with Theodore E. Layng (1964). Crucial maps in the early cartography and place-nomenclature of the Atlantic coast of Canada. Toronto: University of Toronto Press in co-operation with the Royal Society of Canada. [Introduction, commentary and map notes by Theodore E. Layng].

Layng, Theodore E. (1964). “The first line in the cartography of Canada.” Canadian Surveyor 17.

Layng, Theodore E. (1965). “Early geographical concepts of the Northwest Passage.” Cartographica 2, no. 2: 81-91.

Layng, Theodore E. (1967). “Care and preservation of maps.” Paper presented at the First National Conference of Canadian Map Libraries, Ottawa.

Layng, Theodore E. (1968). “The custody of maps.” Paper delivered to the Pan- American Institute of Geography and Institute and published in the 1968 Proceedings.

Layng, Theodore E. (1968). “Problems in a Map Room.” Bulletin of the Canadian Library Association.

Tomkins, Meredith and Ted Layng (1976). St. James Anglican Church, Manotick, 1876-1976: a parish history. Stittsville, ON: Keith Press.


Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives
Canadian Library Association


1972 First Honorary Member, Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives
1986 Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives Honours Award for outstanding achievement


“Ted Layng was well known not only as a map librarian/cartographic archivist but also as an historian of cartography. As Chief of the Public Archives Map Division … Ted Layng oversaw a division which increased from 20,000 maps and plans to approximately 500,000. Decisions to collect current Canadian maps so as to ascertain complete archival records for the future, to expand into maps of foreign countries, to accept the task of compiling the Canadian contribution to the Bibliographie cartographique internationale, to collect architectural plans, to develop an automated national union catalogue, etc. were amongst those that meant that the division acquired both a national reputation as the leading and largest collection and also an excellent international reputation.”

“It was at his insistence that shallow drawer map cabinets were custom made for the National Map collection; now these cabinets are standard items … His interest in a logical arrangement of map holdings resulted in the development of an area classification, introduced in 1950 in the National Map Collection. He saw the need for a National Union Catalogue of Maps in Canada and started the slow process towards the goal both in the ACML and in the National Map Collection.”

He was one of the founders of the Association of Canadian Map Libraries and Archives, and he was the first President and the first Honorary Member.


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