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Claude B. Aubry

b. Oct. 23, 1914, Morin Heights, QC; d. Nov. 3, 1984, Ottawa, ON


Graduate of the Collège Sainte-Marie de Montréal
BA, 1936 (Montreal)
BLS 1945 (McGill)


1936-1944 Accountant
1945-1949 Chief of Personnel, Montreal Civic Library (also called Montreal Municipal Library)
1949-1953 Assistant Chief Librarian, Ottawa Public Library
1953-1965 Director, Ottawa Public Library
1965-1976 Director, Eastern Ontario Regional Library System


Aubry, Claude. (1945). Miroirs déformants. Anjou, QC: Fides.

Aubry, Claude. (1957). “Shopping Centre Branch for Ottawa”. Ontario Library Review, 41, no. 4: 244-245.

Aubry, Claude. (1960). Les îles du roi Maha Maha II: conte fantaisiste canadien. Illustrations by Edouard Perret. Québec: Pélican. Translation by Alice Kane Published in 1963 as The King of the Thousand Islands: a Canadian fairy tale.Toronto: McClelland and Stewart. Another edition translated by Harvey Swados. Illustrations by Grey Cohoe. Toronto: Doubleday, 1971.

Aubry, Claude. (1962). Le loup de Noël. Illustrations by Edouard Perret. Montréal: Éditions Centre de psychologie et de pédagogie. Translation by Alice Kane. Published as The Christmas wolf. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1965.

Aubry, Claude . (1968b). The magic fiddler and other legends of French Canada. Graphics by Saul Field. Translated from the French by Alice E. Kane. Toronto: Peter Martin Associates.

Aubry, Claude. (1972). Agouhanna. Illustrations by Julie Brinckloe. Translation by H. Swados. Toronto: Doubleday. (French edition published in 1974).

Aubry, Claude. (1976). Rapport de l’étude de bibliothèques publique de la région de Montréal. With Laurent G. Denis. Québec: Ministère des affaires.

Aubry, Claude. (1977). Légendes du Canada français. Les Éditions de l’Espoir.

Aubry, Claude. (1999). Dites-moi, tu. Paris: Horay.

Currier, Ishbel. (1968). Evergreen island, or, How Growely–Wowely made friends. Translated into French by Claude Aubry. Ottawa: Oberon Press.

Suddon, Alan. (1969). Cinderella: retold in story and collage. With a French translation by Claude Aubry. Ottawa: Oberon Press.

Activities and honours:

In 1974, he was named to the Order of Canada
Officer of the Ordre international du Bien Public (France)
Canadian Authors Association
Canadian Library Association
Society of Canadian Writers
Ontario Library Association
Ontario Provincial Library Council
Alliance Française (Vice-President, Ottawa Chapter)
Association France-Canada
Member of the Board, Montfort Hospital Corp.
1974-1976, Vice-President, Canadian Authors Film Institute


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