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Claude B. Aubry

b. Oct. 23, 1914, Morin Heights, QC; d. 1984, Ottawa, ON


BA, 1936 (Montreal); BLS 1945 (McGill)


1936-1944 Accountant
1945-1949 Chief of Personnel, Montreal Civic Library (also called Montreal Municipal Library)
1949-1953 Assistant Chief Librarian, Ottawa Public Library
1953-1965 Director, Ottawa Public Library
1965-1976 Director, Eastern Ontario Regional Library System


Aubry, Claude. (1945). Miroirs déformants. Anjou, QC: Fides.

Aubry, Claude. (1957). “Shopping Centre Branch for Ottawa”. Ontario Library Review, 41, no. 4: 244-245.

Aubry, Claude. (1960). Les îles du roi Maha Maha II: conte fantaisiste canadien. Illustrations by Edouard Perret. Québec: Pélican. Translation by Alice Kane Published in 1963 as The King of the Thousand Islands: a Canadian fairy tale.Toronto: McClelland and Stewart. Another edition translated by Harvey Swados. Illustrations by Grey Cohoe. Toronto: Doubleday, 1971.

Aubry, Claude. (1962). Le loup de Noël. Illustrations by Edouard Perret. Montréal: Éditions Centre de psychologie et de pédagogie. Translation by Alice Kane. Published as The Christmas wolf. Toronto: McClelland & Stewart, 1965.

Aubry, Claude . (1968b). The magic fiddler and other legends of French Canada. Graphics by Saul Field. Translated from the French by Alice E. Kane. Toronto: Peter Martin Associates.

Aubry, Claude. (1972). Agouhanna. Illustrations by Julie Brinckloe. Translation by H. Swados. Toronto: Doubleday. (French edition published in 1974).

Aubry, Claude. (1976). Rapport de l’étude de bibliothèques publique de la région de Montréal. With Laurent G. Denis. Québec: Ministère des affaires.

Aubry, Claude. (1977). Légendes du Canada français. Les Éditions de l’Espoir.

Aubry, Claude. (1999). Dites-moi, tu. Paris: Horay.

Currier, Ishbel. (1968). Evergreen island, or, How Growely–Wowely made friends. Translated into French by Claude Aubry. Ottawa: Oberon Press.

Suddon, Alan. (1969). Cinderella: retold in story and collage. With a French translation by Claude Aubry. Ottawa: Oberon Press.

Other activities:

Canadian Authors Association
Canadian Library Association
Society of Canadian Writers
Ontario Library Association
Ontario Provincial Library Council
Alliance Française (Vice-President, Ottawa Chapter)
Association France-Canada
Member of the Board, Montfort Hospital Corp.
1974-1976, Vice-President, Canadian Authors Film Institute


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