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John Ridington

b. 1868, London, England; d. 1945, Vancouver.


Tredegar Road Wesleyan School, Bow, London, 1883-87, pupil teacher.
New York State Library, Albany, Summer School, 1916.


1889-1895 School Teacher at Burdette, Rookhurst, and Foxwarren, Manitoba
1895-1901 Publisher and Editor, Carberry News
1902-1906 Reporter, Winnipeg Free Press
1907 Free Lance journalist
1908-1910 Manager, Real Estate, Wm. Pearson Co. Ltd., Winnipeg
1911-1912 Sales Manager, Canada Western Trust Co., Vancouver
1913-1914 Night school teacher, Vancouver School Board
1914-1915 Cataloguer, University of B.C. Library
1916-1922 Acting Librarian and Cataloguer, U.B.C. Library
1922-1940 University Librarian, U.B.C.
1941-1945 Special editorial writer, Vancouver News Herald.


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1915 Vancouver Public Library Board

1916-1917 Pacific Northwest Library Association, Second Vice-President

1918-1919 Pacific Northwest Library Association, President

1923-1924 British Columbia Library Association, President

1923-1924 Pacific Northwest Library Association, President

1926 Pacific Northwest Library Association, President

1933 B.C. Provincial Library Commission, Member

1934-1942 B.C. Public Library Commission, Member


Jubilee Medal, 1935.

Other Areas of Activity:

1930-1933 Carnegie Corporation. Commission of Enquiry, Chairman

1925-193? Canadian Library Association, President


Starting in 1927 Ridington spearheaded an attempt to establish a Canadian Library Association, and was twice elected to its Presidency, even though the Association was never incorporated.


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