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Edgar Stewart Robinson

b. Nov. 23, 1896, Pickford, Michigan; d. Oct. 24, 1957, Victoria, BC


1920 BA (University of Toronto)
1924 BSLS (University of Washington)


1912-1915 Page, Calgary Public Library
1921-1923 Head of Circulation, Calgary Public Library
1924-1957 Director, Vancouver Public Library


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President, British Columbia Library Association, 1926-1927 and 1938-1939
President, Pacific Northwest Library Association, 1928-1929
Chairman, British Columbia Public Library Commission, 1945-1936 and 1956-1957
President, Canadian Library Association, 1952-1953


Edgar Robinson was a champion for the concept of the “library in the community” in Vancouver. He was also a prominent regional voice for librarians in western Canada, especially British Columbia. In August 1949, he chaired the local arrangements committee for the American Library Associations successful “Far West Regional Conference” held in Vancouver. Although his lifelong efforts to open a new central city library only came to fruition shortly after his death, the “Modernist style” four-storey central library on Burrard Street served Vancouver from 1957-1995 and was designated as a heritage site in 1994. Robinson also presided over the development of busy neighbourhood branches, notably Collingwood (1951), Dunbar (1950), Kerrisdale (1943), Kitsilano (1927), and South Hill (1949).


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