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Library Technician Programs in Canada

by Jean Weihs

Some of the data is incomplete. Dates in parentheses following a personal name indicate that information about the person was found associated with that date. Please send any corrections or additional data to Jean Weihs (

The information below is listed by province and includes date of establishment (and date of closing, if applicable); special aspects; method of program delivery, names and dates of heads of programs (titles vary: director, coordinator, program head, program chair, etc.)


MacEwan University

Edmonton (originally Grant MacEwan Community College, then Grant MacEwen College).

Opened 1971 Day program with some onsite WebCT components
1971-1972 S. Subbarao
1972-1975 Marilyn Neuman
1975-1981 Ann Curry
1981-2010 Tony Fell
2010– Norene James

Southern Alberta Institute of Technology

Calgary (program originally provided by Mount Royal College, Calgary, sometime before 1973). URL:

Opened 1967 Day program; evening courses suspended; first distance education course 1979; expect that by 2006 all courses will also be available by Internet access.
1967-1973 Martin Foss
1973-1975 Bill Manson
1975-1986 Gary MacDonald
1987-1990 Margaret Anderson
1991-1995 Mike Parkinson (Program Supervisor)
1996-2003 Mike Parkinson (Team Leader)
2000-2002 Willem Sijpheer (Coordinator)
2004-2011 2011- Mike Parkinson (Coordinator) Sandra Lee

British Columbia

Langara College

(formerly Vancouver City College and Vancouver Community College; name changed to Langara College in 1994) URL:

Opened 1966 One-year certificate program until 1971; two-year diploma program 1971- . Day program: full program; classroom and on-line options available.
1966-1969 Marjorie Sing
1969-1974 Virginia Chisholm
1974-1988 Joan Anastasiou
1988-1991 Marilyn Ming
1991-1995 Ann Calla
1995-1996 Ann Calla and Guy Robertson
1996-1998 Ann Calla
1998-2005 Jacqueline Bradshaw
2005-2011 Carol Elder
2011- Susan Burdak

University of the Fraser Valley

Abbotsford (originally Fraser Valley College to 1991)

Opened 1980 One-year program with option to take second year at Langara College 1980-1982; two-year program 1982- . 3 optional streams: Library, Records Management, Information Technology. Day program; a few courses offered both day and online. Full program online option in collaboration with Langara College.
1980-1996 Pat Sifton
1996-1997 Kim Isaac
1997-1998 Tim Atkinson
1998-1999 Kim Issac
1999-2002 Tim Atkinson
2002-2006 Jan Lashbrook Green
2007- Christina Neigel


Red River Community College

Winnipeg (originally Manitoba Institute of Technology, 1962-1967; Manitoba Institute of Applied Arts, 1968-1969; Red River Community College, 1970- .

Opened 1962 one-year Library Assistant program, 1962-1969; one-year Library Technician program, 1978-1993; two-year program, September 1993- . Day and distance education. Student intake in odd-numbered years coordinated with intake at Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology where intake in even-numbered years. (Library Training Certificate is also available on completion of seven courses.)
1962-1969 Gertrude Perrin
1969-1973 Michael Angel
1973-1974 Jane Davidson
1974-1978 Judi Dowall; 1977-1978 Linda Coupal
1978-1981 Nancy Bridges; Paul Nielson
1982-1989 Margaret Ann Fowler; 1981-1985 Ganga Dakshinamirta; 1987-88 Bonita Cobb
1989-1990 Diana Guinn; Tamara Opar
1991-1993 Paula Noyes (1991-Position of coordinator discontinued); Tamara Opar
1990-2007 Instructor: Jo Ann Brewster; 1990- Paula Noyes
1993-2005 2005- 2007-2010 2010- Instructor: Patricia Routledge Instructor: Brian Rountree Instructor: Sherri Volkey Instructor: Tabitha Ann Nordby

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia Community College

Halifax (program originally at the Kingstec Community College in Kentville (1985-1992); additional program at NSCC (1992-1993); in 1994 Kingstec became part of NSCC as the Kingstec Campus; Kingstec program moved to Halifax and amalgamated with NSCC program in 2001). Since 2004 Memorial University in Saint John's, Newfoundland, has had a Memorandum of Agreement with NSCC that allows Memorial students to get certain credits transferred to NSCC for credit towards a diploma. URL:

Opened 1985 Day program and distance education, Internet
1985-1996 Laura Draper (Kingstec)
1992-1998 Carol Compton-Smith (NSCC)
1996-2001 Harvey Ratchford (Kingstec)
1998-2001 Marlene Mortimore (NSCC)
2001-2004 Marlene Mortimore and Harvey Ratchford
2004- Harvey Ratchford, Joanne Doucet, and Joanne Hodder


Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology

Ottawa. URL:
Originally opened 1967, discontinued 1968, reopened 1970; bilingual program until 1989 when French-language program transferred to La Cité. Day and continuing education

1967-1968 Jim Feeley
1970-1971 Maureen McCormack Brown
1971-1980 Peggy Scott White (English Section)
1980-1986 Jean Painter
1986-1987 Annette Bouvier
1987-1998 Jean Painter
1998-2006 Janet Jacobsen
2006 2009 2009- Mac Nason Helena Merriam
1971-1989 André Houde (French Section called Bibliothèquenique)

Cambrian College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1967, closed 1980; final graduation 1982. Courses offered through continuing education to mid-1970s, then one course offered in day program in addition to continuing education (information incomplete)

1967-1968 K. V. Perry
1968-1970 Ruby Lee Collins
1970-1972 Maryanne Buchowski
1972-1973 George Tompkins
1973-1974 Maryanne Buchowski
1974-1977 Dick Pentney
1978-1982 Adolphe Amadi

La Cité collègiale

Opened 1989 (transferred from Algonquin CAAT), closed 1999; French language program; day, evening

1989-1991 Andre Houde
1991-1999 Joanne Cournoyer

Durham College


Opened 2013; daytime only.


2013- Susan Pratt

Fanshawe College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1970, closed 2000; last enrolment 1998. Closed because college did not support programs with small enrolments that needed technological upgrades. Day and occasional evening and correspondence courses.

1970-1977 Clifford Weaver
1977-1993 Shirley Edgar
1994-2000 Marie Wiley

Georgian College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1983, closed 1999. Part-time evening and Saturdays. Managed by a group of three – a Part time Studies Manager, an advisory committee chairperson, and the Learning Resource Centre Library Director.

Part time Studies Program Managers:
1983-1984 Laurie Jones
1984-1987 Lynne Stevenson
1988-1994 Janet Arnett
1994-1996 Lesley Gordon
1997-1998 Carol Greenwood
1998-1999 Rosemary Gardner
Advisory Chairs:
1984?-1993 Janet Isles
1993-1994 Dianne Auguston
1994-1998 Katherine Wallis
1998-1999 Joanne Comper
Learning Resource Centre Directors:
1984-1989 Phil Hull
1990-1996 Michele Beaudoin
1997-1999 Jennifer Varcoe

Lakehead University

Thunder Bay
Opened 1966, closed 2002. B.A. program in Library and Information Studies 1988-1990 (four students allowed to continue and graduate 1991).

1966-1972 Dan Sudar
1972-1986 Fred McIntosh
1986-1987 Leonora Aedy
1987-2002 Margaret McLean

Mohawk College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1975; extension program only; gradual move to Internet-delivered program begun in 1994; in-class courses ended 1999; Internet-delivered only program.
URL :htt://

1975-1982 Wendy (Moriarity) Newman
1982-1983 Harry Campbell
1983-2000 Lois Wall
2000- Dolores Harms Penner

Niagara College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1967, closed 1988; information about the program unavailable

1967-1988 Robert Bowman

Ryerson Polytechnical Institute

Opened 1967, closed 1983 when Ryerson became a university (students given five years to complete their studies through continuing education). Two-year program; day and part-time; one year special fast track for those with a BA option

1967-1973 Muriel Morgan
1974-1980 Dean Tudor
1980-1983 Ian Dutton

St. Clair College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1967; 1967-1969 one-year programme; 1969-1976 two-year program; closed 1976

1967-1974 Eleanor Haddow
1974-1976 Dev Bala Tuti

Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1967; two-year program; day and continuing education; accelerated day program option.

1967-1968 Alexis Jamieson
1968-1986 Jean Weihs
1986-2003 Frances Davidson-Arnott
2003- Deborah Kay

Sheridan College of Applied Arts and Technology

Opened 1970, day and continuing education; Health Science option 1974-1981; Information Technology Certificate (continuing education) 1985-1992; Mississauga Library Skills certificate 1986-1988; Online Distance Education 1996-2000; program closed 2000

1970-1974 Hal Mowat
1974-1983 Geraldine Hughes
1983-2000 Marion Wilburn


Cégep de Jonquière

Opened 1966; ceased admissions 2003, program closed 2005.

1966-1971 Léonard Nadeau
1971-1977 Roland Aubut
1977-1980 Bernard Charbonneau
1980-1983 Louise Gagnon-Arguin
1983-1985 Guy Mongrain
1985-1988 Roland Aubut
1988-1991 Guy Mongrain
1991-1994 Louise Lapointe
1994-1996 Guy Mongrain
1996-1998 Suzanne Bourgault
1998-1999 Guy Mongrain
1999-2001 Francine Chagnon
2001-2003 Suzanne Bourgault
2003-2005 Louise Lapointe

Cégep de l'Abitibi-Témiscamingue

Rouyn (name originally Collège du Nord-Ouest)
Opened 1966; closed ?; Information incomplete

1966-1985? Fleurette Cotnoir
1986-1987 Louise Lanouette
1988-1995? Françoise Gagnon

Cégep de l'Outaouais

Opened 1969; information incomplete.

1969-? Louise Blanchet
1974-? Roger Corneau
1986-1987 Danielle Thibault
1988-1990 Marthe Francoer
1992-1993 Roger Corneau
1994-1995 Isabelle Lesage
1995-1999 Roger Corneau
2003- 2005 2005-2007 2007-2011 2011- Danielle Thibault Clarisse Bélanger-Gill Sylvie C. Morin Lucie Pagé

Cégep de Maisonneuve

Opened 1968; day program; evening courses discontinued 2001. Information incomplete.

1968-? Michel St. Pierre
1986-1987 Ginette Allard
1988-1989 Michel St. Pierre
1990-1995 Ginette Allard
1996-1997 Pierre Manseau & Michel Saint-Pierre
1997-2000 Katy Simard
1999- 2003 2003-2007 2007-2010 2010- Nicole René Ginette Allard Guy Champagne Luce Anne Courchesne

Cégep de Trois-Rivières

Opened 1968.

1968-1983 Roland Girard
1983-1990 Clémence Vaudrin
1990-1993 Yves Ducasse
1993-1994 Denise Blanchard
1994-1995 Nicole Malo
1995-2000 André Thibault
2000-2001 Richard Loranger
2001-2005 Clémence Vaudrin

Cégep François-Xavier-Garneau

Opened 1971.

1971-1973 Renée Girard
1973-1974 Louise Savard
1974-1977 Robert Chiasson
1977-1978 Nebel Gernot and Louise Savard
1978-1979 Denis Boily and Lise Roy
1979-1980 Lise Roy
1980-1982 Louise Savard
1982-1984 Robert Chiasson
1984-1985 Lise Roy
1986-1987 Nebel Gernot and Denis Boily
1987-1989 Lise Roy
1989-1991 Robert Chiasson
1991-1994 Lise Roy
1994-1998 Dominique Trottier
1998-2002 Lise Roy
2002-2003 Julie Gauthier
2003-2004 2006-2009 2009- Aline Néron Mario Groupil Dominique Trottier

Cégep Lionel-Groulx

Opened 1969; Information incomplete.

1969-? Françoise Jobin-Brulé
1985-1987 Jacques Paradis
1989-1990 Lise Calvé
1992-1996 Danielle Daoust
1998-2000 Jacques Paradis
2001- Jean-Pierre Chabot

Champlain Regional College

Opened 1972; closed 1977; English-language program

1972-1977 Gregory Rickerby

Concordia University

Montreal (originally Loyola College and Sir George Williams University)
Opened 1971; admission to the program was suspended January 1, 1997; students were given five years to complete their requirements. Reduced provincial government funding caused Concordia to close small programs.

1971-1976 Melba Wilson
1976-1986 Ann Galler
1986-1989 Joanne Locke
1989-1998 Marlene Giguère

John Abbott College

Ste. Anne de Bellevue
Opened 1972; English-language three-year program; two-year option for students with college diplomas or university degrees

1972 (2 weeks) Karen Gay
1972-1999 Rabab Naqvi
2000 - Christine Jacobs


Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology

Kelsey Campus, Saskatoon (previous names: Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences (1968-1974); Kelsey Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences (1974-1988); Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (1988-1992); Kelsey Institute, Saskatchewan Institute of Applied Science and Technology (1992-1997).
Opened 1969; one-year programme 1969-1994; two-year program 1994- . Day, continuing education, distance education, Internet. Bridging Program offered 1994-1999 for one-year graduates to update to diploma.

1969-1975 Barbara Zimmer
1975-1984 Alice Hegel
1984- Marjorie Kennedy

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