The Canadian association dedicated to people whose careers have been in libraries, archives, publishing, and information work

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Ex Libris Historical Projects

Presenting historical information in factual or image formats (such as this 1945 University of Toronto recruitment poster) is a goal of ELA.1945-books_and_people_u_of_t_recruitment_poster.jpg

Collection of biographies and biographical materials

At present ELA members are engaged in developing a repository of biographies and biographical materials of people, a significant part of whose lives was spent in the library, archives, publishing, or related information fields. Currently, there are about 150 biographies. An In Memoriam section on former ELA members is also under development.


ELAN, the association's biannual newsletter, contains articles and news items of historical interest in almost every issue. Of special interest is the series “Libraries Named after Librarians” authored by Suzette Giles.

A History of Education for Library and Information Studies in Canada

A special issue of ELAN Summer 2004, edited and prepared by Brian Land, records 100 years of library education in Canadian universities, colleges, and other post-secondary institutions.

Chronologies of the university library faculties and the library technicians programs supports the education issue of ELAN. In 2020, a special issue outlining the development of library and information studies at the University of Ottawa/Université d’Ottawa was published.

The Morton Years

morton_years03.jpgIn 1995 ELA published a history of the Canadian Library Association during the tenure of Elizabeth Homer Morton, the CLA executive director from 1946 to 1968.

The Morton Years by Elizabeth Hulse,
with foreword by W. Kaye Lamb.
141 pages, bibliography, index, photographs

The book is available for $10.00 on our “Shop Ex Libris” site.

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