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-====== Ex Libris Association Annual Conference ======+====== Ex Libris Association Annual Conference and AGM ======
-| {{:wiki:icon-meeting.gif?116x54}}  | <sub>Date:</sub>    MondayNovember 4th2019                                                          +|{{:wiki:icon-meeting.gif?116x54}}  |<sub>Date:</sub>   |TuesdayNov. 7th2022  
-| :::                                | <sub>Time:</sub>    9:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. (registration opens at 9.00 a.m. with coffee til 9:30 a.m.)  | +| ::: |<sub>Time:</sub>   |12 p.m. Eastern  | 
-| :::                                | <sub>Place: </sub>  | North York Central Library, Toronto Public Library, 5120 Yonge St.                  +| ::: |<sub>Place: </sub>   |Zoom Meeting  | 
-| :::                                | <sub>Cost: </sub>   $30.00 for members; $35.00 for non-members (includes lunch)                         |+| ::: |<sub>Cost: </sub>   |free to members  |
 //Each year Ex Libris holds an annual conference on various themes and issues as well as its general meeting.//\\ //Each year Ex Libris holds an annual conference on various themes and issues as well as its general meeting.//\\
-Please join us for morning and afternoon sessions for fun time! Theme for this year: Wither! The Future of Print and the Growth of Non-print Media.\\+Please join us for a unique Zoom Meeting. Details and agenda, with other documents, will be sent to all members via emails on the ELA listserv. You will get link to connect your computer, smart phone, or tablet to the meeting. You will need a camera and microphone if you are using a desktop computer and want to be seen and/or heard. If you are not receiving emails on the listserv, please contact Bob Henderson to add you.\\
-9:30-10:00 Meet and socialize.\\+On Nov. 7th there will be two feature speakers. First, Lisa Glandt, MAS with the Archives Association of British Columbia, will speak on how BC archives are working towards the Truth and Reconciliation calls to action in relation to archival practice. Richard Beaudry, MLIS and Chair of the CFLA-FCAB Intelleactual Freedom Committee, will speak on contemporary challenges and censorship in school libraries and learning commons in Canada.\\
-10:00-10:15 Greetings and introductions from our President.\\ +Information on previous meetings and speakers is available on our site from 1987 to the present day: [[:meetings:previous_agm_speakers|go to the previous sessions page]].\\
- +
-10:15-11:15 Speaker will be Andrea Mills, Digitization Program Manager, Internet Archive Canada\\ +
- +
-11:15-11:30 Greetings from the OLA and the CFLA-FCAB from Shelagh Paterson, Executive Director, OLA\\ +
- +
-11:30-12:30 Annual General Meeting\\ +
- +
-12:30-1:30 Lunch\\ +
- +
-1:30-2:30 Speaker will be Allison Lennox, Manager, Special Collections, Preservation and Digitization Department,Toronto Public Library\\ +
- +
-2:30-3:00 Concluding remarks\\ +
- +
-[[|Directions to the North York Central Library]]. The Annual General Meeting will be held in the afternoon beginning about 3:30 p.m..\\ +
- +
-//Previous ELA conferences have included presentations on the [[:meetings:2002_get_together_panel_discussion|future of librarianship (2002)]] as well as other important issues. Information on [[:meetings:previous_agm_speakers|previous conferences]] is available for perusal//.\\ +
- +
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