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-====== Occasional Papers, Reports, and Articles ====== 
-[[:​occasional_papers:​bee-bop_to_hip-hop|Be-Bop to Hip-Hop: More than 50 years in Library and Information Science]] / by Nancy Williamson\\ 
-{{:​occasional_papers:​art_museum_and_public_library_2006.pdf|The Art Museum and Public Library under a Single Roof: a Nineteenth-Century Ideal Pursued at Toronto Public Library from 1883 to Word War}}  {{:​occasional_papers:​art_museum_and_public_library_2006.pdf| I}}  / by Mary F. Williamson\\ 
-[[:​occasional_papers:​occasional_papers_list:​celebrating_stunning_canadian_urban_library_branches|Celebrating Canada'​s Stunning Urban Library Branches]] / by Barbara Clubb\\ 
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