Ex Libris Association

The Canadian association for retired librarians, archivists and related information professions

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ELA: A National Association

467142.jpgELA, founded in 1986, is the national Canadian association of people who have spent an important part of their working life in libraries, archives, museums, publishing houses, and adjunct fields, and who are now attracted to historical and current issues related to those institutions as well as to issues concerning the personal welfare of their fellow members. Our objectives, our constitution, our executive and other committees, our long range plan, and our history all reflect our long-standing and continuing concern for issues related to information services.

As times change, our goals have broadened to exploit new technologies and to recognize important new issues, such as reconciliation and recognition of Indigenous peoples. We are a government recognized non-profit organization. ELA is a member of the Canadian Federation of Library Associations–La Fédération canadienne des associations de bibliothèques (CFLA-FCAB) which is the united, national voice of Canada’s library community.


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ELAN—the Ex Libris Association Newsletter

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ELAN is ELA's newsletter of articles, reminiscences, pictures, and news;

ELA's historical resources

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